wE  do  not  impose  a standard

cookie -cutter  agency  model.


The remuneration arrangements we offer our clients are based on the PR potential of each  individual business along side its requirements.


Providing effective and high-quality PR - with flexibility and value for money, bespoke tariffs include the following options:



Project PR is ideal when you have a news story to launch, or your product is particularly relevant at specific times within the editorial calendar. Gift guides for example - including Christmas and Valentine’s Day. Or perhaps your brand is best suited to fashion stories pertaining to certain seasons, such as festivals.

As part of a project, we can take care of sending out image and/or story led press releases, on an ad hoc PR basis, with all the necessary follow up to secure coverage.





This is the best option for brands that need a pro-active campaign to be planned and implemented. Also those who want full communications support, along with consistant exposure.


When on a retained arrangement, we are an extension of your in-house team. Consulting on all aspects of brand development and offering a holistic service, including press office. Fees are based on the level of time and expertise anticipated from the team on a monthly basis.


Before deciding on which is the best route for your brand, 

we consider the marketing & PR strategy

 and gauge the level of time, expertise & proactive service required from the team.


Do get in touch if you’re interested in finding out more.

 If we feel we can generate quality exposure to reach the right audience for your brand, 

we will aim to propose a tailored package to suit your specific requirements.

PAy-as-you -go


We are the first, and still currently the only, boutique lifestyle PR agency to offer all our services on a pay-as-you-go basis. 


A cost-effective alternative to the conventional retainer -

whereby a flat fee is charged each month, irrespective of the coverage achieved. With a P.A.Y.G. (pay-as-you-go)

option, clients are billed only for tangible outputs, such as press releases, and successful influencer and editorial placements. As such, this is the most popular option with the smaller, or more niche businesses we work with. And those who want to test the waters with PR.


We have created a unique and exclusive, highly detailed rate card of fees, dependent on the type of service/exposure generated and ROI expected. So you'll know exactly what you are getting & how much it costs. We are also happy to cap costs for the months we exceed expectations, so you can budget accordingly.

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