New customer acquisition


Raising your brand’s profile/credibility


Growing your digital/web/SEO presence

Generating and maintaining a portfolio of strong, engaging customer-facing or B2B/trade content

You only get one chance to make a first impression, before you've lost your audience's interest

What are our key differentiating factors and our USP(s)?

PR, as part of the overall communications mix, is a HIGHLY EFFECTIVE INVESTMENT tool for a number of reasons, the most important being:



If I had only $2 left, I

would spend $1 on good PR.



He certainly has a point.

As Bill Gates once said:


This should not be a long winded tale, but an attention-catching pitch that can be summarised in simple sound-bytes that resonate with the customer. What makes your brand unique and interesting? Why did you start the company? What’s special about your product? Who else is out there and who is your target demographic?


Think about whether you, as a typical customer, would want to read about this.


The right assets to accompany your story are imperative, and aspirational aesthetics invaluable.

You need great images, including:

Optional, but highly appealing extras:


An interesting/high-profile/well informed spokesperson/ambassador/key

influencer - an appropriate CELEBRITY perhaps - from a single celebrity fan who you know likes your product to an image of them wearing/using it, or even better interview/event hosting possibilities.


And most you have a stockist?


Without a stockist, it is difficult to get credits in the key commercial titles. Webshops are great but a well know retailer or e-tailer adds credibility. Sales and PR can be a little "chicken and egg"...




Today’s celebrity addicted society rely on the media to feed their addiction..



High-res lifestyle or model images

Cut-outs/product shots

The secret is knowing who to contact, when, and with what.




In order to significantly increase your chances of generating GREAT COVERAGE, you need to be able to directly align your products or services to cultural or fashion, seasons, trends and news.

The media need topical stories to bite on. Time the launch of a new product or service to co-incide with a hot story in the news, that relates to the product you offer, and there’s no reason why features shouldn’t happen.


Thinking about PR?

Another vital factor to consider is


However be aware, for PR to truly contribute to the success of your business, it’s not about over night hype but instead, about CREATING A REALISTIC, SUSTAINABLE and STRATEGIC public relations plan - which is a LONG-TERM PROJECT in itself.


It can take months to capture the attention of targeted media venues and before investing time and money in beginning a campaign, always ask yourself...quite simply....


Am I PR Ready?



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