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Colt and Willow have created a range of powerful plant-based cleaning products that look good, smell good & do good—transforming the cleaning experience. Ready to launch, they looked to WHITEHAIR.CO for its communication strategy.

Brand Book & Communications Strategy

The Brief

A solid Brand Book was already in place yet it lacked all the information needed to be able to build an effective strategy: positioning, the target consumer and the key messages.  WHITEHAIR.CO suggested some pre-work for the brand – to establish exactly who the target consumer is and exactly how the brand speaks to them.

The Challenge

The key challenge was tone of voice – Colt and Willow were keen to give their brand a particular character and personality, bought to life in its brand language. But how did the brand communicate itself as a credible, committed and serious cleaning alternative without coming across too earnest, too woke or as having unachievable expectations?

The Solution

In the first instance the work defined exactly who the consumer was based on a set of shared ‘conscious’ values, as opposed to simple profiling. This kept the consumer base broad – allowing for growth – yet focused; ensuring all communication landed on target. With a clear and well-presented consumer now in place,  WHITEHAIR.CO then turned to the tone and voice piece of work. WHITEHAIR.CO created the perfect balance: informed and educational but presented and told with the lively spirit of ‘banter.’

The Results

The Brand Book builds complete,  WHITEHAIR.CO were able to build an effective campaign based on the information it contained. The tone of voice was expanded into Brand Language which was used throughout the campaign and to communicate the key messages. 


Finally, Colt and Willow had their own unique tone of voice – something that had long alluded them. In their own words,  WHITEHAIR.CO “nailed it.”

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