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Chloe has a decade of digital marketing experience and a passion for social media founded in a love for all things online. As a qualified and highly experienced Social Media Manager and Consultant, Chloe loves nothing more than getting stuck in to Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube to create content that really shouts about a brand and elevates them to the highest standard.


Working across a broad portfolio of sectors, Chloe has written content for digital outlets, social media channels as well as press advertising. When it comes to making something look and sound good online, Chloe's your gal.


Not just content with creating killer assets for brands, she also runs a multi-award winning blog and accompanying social channels for herself, a.k.a Lady Writes - told you she really loved social media!

See Chloe's work for WHITEHAIR.CO client Colt & Willow - managing Instagram HERE and crafting blog copy HERE


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