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Associate Director & Brand Consultant



Associate Director & Brand Consultant

Sarah is a branding expert with over 25-years of globally acquired experience within the creative sectors: music, fashion, entertainment, hospitality, health & wellness, and publishing. A creative and accomplished brand strategist with local and global insight and a clear understanding of aesthetics, culture, lifestyle and influence. Sarah has a talent for original, creative thinking. She is also a contributing writer and photographer for The Modernist: publishing about 20th-century architecture and design. Sarah’s role at WHITEHAIR.CO includes consultancy in getting brands PR Ready via immersion workshops to create everything from top line brand plans to full blown brand bibles. WHY Understands the importance of a unified, consistent brand aesthetic and message. With easy-to-follow guidelines. Offers a collaborative approach from the considered curation of a brands values and assets through to finished Brand Plans, Road-Maps and Tool-Kits. HOW Works to a 4 step process: Step 1 Workshops Step 2: Brand Books Step 3 Brand Plans Step 4 Brand Management Services are offered individually or as a package. Bespoke as per the needs of the brand.

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