social media manager



Jeni is a country girl in the big city, and after obtaining a bachelor's degree in Public Relations, she spent her early career working for one of the world’s largest alcohol producers creating social strategies to be used in a bid to connect with local consumers.


After moving away from the corporate world, and into the wonderful world of startups, Jeni has been able to use her 7 years of experience in social media management and influencer marketing to help young companies grow their brand and revenues. Simplifying how to navigate the social stratosphere in a way that brings ROI, while building brands their target consumers can connect with is Jeni's sole passion. In her spare time, she spends her evenings at Influencer Events, building a personal and professional network of creators who can rocket brand’s growth through targeted campaigns and strategically built collaborations.


Now part of the WHITEHAIR.CO team, she specialises in Organic Social Media Management, Content Creation, Influencer Marketing and Social Ad Campaigns. These activities are the base for any online marketing strategy, as consumers view a brand’s social channels as a way to build trust and connection. (3).gif