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Juliet Kinsman is the UK's leading sustainable luxury travel expert, having spent more than two decades writing on the subjects, with a column in The Telegraph she is also Sustainability Editor for Condé Nast Traveller. As founding editor of Mr & Mrs Smith, meeting philanthropic hoteliers and working with award-winning luxury brands inspired her to create her platform BOUTECO - specifically to share enlightening stories of sustainability. Juliet is also a broadcaster who regularly shares her tips on BBC Radio London, and is about to make a series about luxury travel for Channel 4. Her book 'The Green Edit: Travel’ (Ebury) is out in September. Now, exclusively through WHITEHAIR.CO, Juliet offers consultancy sessions to brands interested in refining their sustainability messaging.

Many brands who approach WHITEHAIR.CO about PR representation don’t quite have their messaging nailed, so we have been quietly offering Power Hour consultancy sessions for many years. As the first boutique PR agency to offer this one-off mentoring service - it is an opportunity for founders to share their brand ambitions, and for WHITEHAIR.CO brand experts to review its own-able space in the market and make top-line recommendations to achieve its potential. 


These 60-minute sessions often lead to more substantial brand work. And with sustainability such a key message when it comes to PR, Juliet is able to help those who have the shoots of a green story, to develop a healthy narrative that resonates with today’s more conscious consumer. Usually taking the form of a Power Hour – Juliet coaches brands on how to tune into the key aspects of their brand’s sustainability and CSR themes, allowing them to stand out from the competition and convey a unique purpose to the right conscious consumers. Juliet is also highly skilled in advising how to language what it is they do, without greenwashing. 


The response to these sessions so far has been brilliant. With the investment in Juliet’s advice often saving brand’s so much of their marketing budget in the long term.


Do get in touch if you are a purposeful brand with a sustainability message to develop, and would like to find out more.


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