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Tariff Options

Pay As You Go

Our tariff options are always flexible and results-driven, and before deciding which is the best route for your brand, we consider your PR brief/its potential, the communications strategy & services required, along with the level of time and expertise required by our team. 

Providing effective and high-quality PR - with flexibility and value for money, bespoke tariffs can include the following options:

WHITEHAIR.CO | Tariffs | Pay as you go PR

We do not impose a standard

cookie-cutter PR agency model

Pay-As-You-Go PR

WHITEHAIR.CO | Tariffs | Pay as you go PR

We are the first, and still the only, boutique lifestyle PR agency to offer all our services on a pay-as-you-go basis. No contracts including lengthy notice periods, we find that this is the most popular option with the smaller, or more niche businesses we work with. And those who want to test the waters with PR.

Feedback from our clients on this model includes comments such as this one:  "Your ‘pay as you play’ model is no doubt a leading USP, and one that you should flaunt.  Both intuitive and progressive in this modern e-commerce climate, it suits our needs down to the ground."

A cost-effective alternative to the conventional retainer - whereby a flat fee is charged each month, irrespective of the coverage achieved. With a PAYG (Pay-As-You-Go) option, clients are billed only for tangible outputs such as press releases and/or successful influencer/editorial placements. Meaning we carry out work, and you only pay when there is something to show for it.

WHITEHAIR.CO has created an exclusive and detailed rate card of fees, dependent on the service or level of exposure landed. And although the fee is often covered by direct click-to-buy, on the occasions it is not, the coverage can also be can effective  brand building tool.  With the cost covering a little of the team's background time/effort/expertise working on the sometimes challenging process of securing credits and features. From the initial pitches, to sharing assets/ensuring receipt of the published piece. 


Note: we only charge for exposure that we deem to be relevant and have influence. We also cap costs for campaigns - so even when we smash expectations, you don't smash your budget.


This is the best option for brands that need a pro-active campaign to be planned and implemented. Also those who require 360 communications support, brand consultancy and creative ideas, along with a consistent level of efforts.


When on a retained arrangement, we are an extension of your in-house team. Consulting on all aspects of brand development and offering a holistic service, including press office.


Note: fees are based on the level of time/expertise required of the team to meet the KPIs anticipated. And retainers are on a monthly rolling contract. 

WHITEHAIR.CO | Tariffs | Pay as you go PR

We are often approached by brands interested in PR services, who we feel need to get strong foundations in place before being 'PR ready'. For example - the USPs/key messages may not be clear, there might not be a marketing strategy from which to inform the PR brief, or the brand assets may not be strong enough to make an impactful impression. In these situations, WHITEHAIR.CO recommends a POWER HOUR session.

WHITEHAIR.CO is the first and only PR agency to offer this kind of one-off mentoring service. Which is an opportunity for founders to share their brand ambitions, WHITEHAIR.CO experts to review its own-able space in the market and make top-line recommendations to achieve its potential.


In under 60 minutes - we offer the kind of advice that has given brands the power to pack a punch. While often talking their stakeholders out of paying for services that aren't right for their business at this time. While suggesting tactics that will help get strong foundations in place first.



Power Hour Brand Consultancy

The Power Hour


After this initial POWER HOUR, should you like what we have to say, we can take things further, and help you create all the assets you might need for a successful launch to market. From an IMMERSION WORKSHOP and BRAND BOOK or LAUNCH PLAN, to simply whipping up an inspiring BRAND BIO, the TEAM AT WHITEHAIR.CO can make it happen.

Project PR is ideal when you have a news story to launch, or your product is particularly relevant to specific times  within editorial schedules/times of year.


It's an 'as-needed' service and as part of a project, we can take care of sending out image and/or story led press releases, on an ad hoc PR basis, with all the necessary follow up to secure coverage. The project also includes reporting so you can see how we're getting on every step of the way. 



WHITEHAIR.CO | Tariffs | Pay as you go PR
Monthly Retainers

Let's talk!

Do get in touch if you're interested in finding out more, and we will let you know if we can propose a tailored package to suit your specific requirements.

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