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WHITEHAIR.CO celebrates its 10 year anniversary with a re-structure and senior appointments

Updated: Aug 10, 2022

To coincide with WHITEHAIR.CO’s anniversary of 10 years in business, this August 2022, the agency is delighted to announce a restructure - with the creation of three Group Account Portfolios - Beauty/Wellness, Lifestyle and Sustainable Fashion - and the appointment of three Group Account Directors, alongside the promotion of Zoja Minic.

Liz Roscoe, Sustainable Fashion Group Director

Sustainability has always been a core value at WHITEHAIR.CO - and we believe a sustainable approach to fashion is not only a moral must but a crucial step in ensuring the future of the industry, ethics and morality going hand in hand. We pride ourselves on the championing of like-minded companies striving for change, implementing conscious practices and solutions, with many of our brands having a highly functional or sustainable purpose, not just within their product offering but at the heart of their business models.

Brand Communications Director Liz Roscoe leads the sustainable fashion portfolio at WHITEHAIR.CO, carefully curating the portfolio of brands the agency works with to ensure they sit well with TENCEL™️ - a client WHITEHAIR.CO has been representing since 2021 when Liz first joined the WHITEHAIR.CO team.

Liz leads the TENCEL™️ communications strategy, whilst overseeing wider brand and influencer partnerships, industry collaborations and events to provide a fully integrated 360 approach.

With two decades of industry experience, Liz has represented a wealth of iconic global brands across fashion and lifestyle, whilst supporting emerging designers and startups. An expert across all aspects of PR and communications, Liz’s in-depth industry experience and cultural understanding ensures a focused, creative and integrated strategy to allow powerful storytelling to build an engaged brand community whilst elevating brand awareness. With a passionate, results-driven and transparent approach, Liz has built an invaluable diverse network of industry relations.

Christina Moore, ​​Group Beauty Account Director

Christina is a Beauty and Wellbeing PR Specialist with over ten years experience. WHITEHAIR.CO first worked with Christina in 2015, on a beauty partnership backstage at London Fashion Week. She then began supporting the agency as a freelancer at the start of 2020. She now leads the Jurlique account - a brand she previously represented from 2018-2019, before the account came over to WHITEHAIR.CO for a more 360 and digitally led approach to brand communications.

Christina is extremely passionate and particular about the brands she chooses to work with and leads the WHITEHAIR.CO Group Beauty and Wellness portfolio. In addition to Jurlique, other accounts in the WHITEHAIR.CO beauty portfolio led by Christina include Madara and Dr Emma Craythorne, with others to be announced in due course.

Vanessa Munnings, Associate Lifestyle PR Consultant

Winning PR of the Year in the 2021 YunoJuno awards, Vanessa has 25+ years' experience at a senior level and was a journalist before moving into PR. Having worked both in-house and agency-side, Vanessa has directed global strategies for household name brands.

Vanessa joined the WHITEHAIR.CO collective in 2022 as Associate Lifestyle PR Consultant, utilising her vast experience and strong contacts to lead the agency’s portfolio of lifestyle accounts, including Vahdam India.

Zoja Minic Agency Operations & Communications Director

In addition to these appointments, Zoja Minic has been promoted to Agency Communications Director. Zoja has worked for the agency since the start of 2014, gaining over eight years PR and communications experience that now allows her to take on a 360 view to help brands grow within highly competitive industries including beauty, lifestyle, wellness, health and fashion brands.

Alongside her role as Head of Agency Operations, Zoja leads WHITEHAIR.CO's fast growing division of clients who have appointed the agency for #MoreThanPR services - from brand creation, and digital marketing to websites. Assembling and managing a dream team to meet each client’s unique requirements and needs is Zoja’s forté and she ensures clients’ hands are held throughout the process.

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