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Updated: Dec 28, 2021

Aysha Bell is a black female founder of a new one-stop destination for all things meditation, mindfulness and holistic wellness. A qualified yoga instructor, breath-work expert and all-round wellness guru, Aysha Bell’s brand was born from her own experience of the life-changing power of meditation. And her story of overcoming adversity, starting with her father dying at the hands of the police when she was just five years old.

With the ambition of bringing the gift of meditation into people’s homes, Aysha has curated special, luxury meditation boxes. Designed to help support and enhance everyone’s meditation practices, as well as day-to-day wellness rituals.

The range includes hand-blended tea, hand-poured candles, kits to support energy cleansing, relaxation, journaling and healing crystal sets. All products are sustainably sourced from carefully chosen suppliers throughout the world, and are curated within the Aysha Bell e-shop.

With a choice of different meditation boxes, customers can select the kit best suited to their individual needs:

Meditation Sanctuary Box: The ultimate meditation box, this includes everything

needed for a blissful home sanctuary. From downloadable meditations to a journal, candles, Sage and Palo Santo, Agua de Florida, healing stones and much more, this kit makes it easier to focus, centre and relax. A power-box with everything you need to recreate the feel of your own mini-retreat at home.

Home Cleansing Wind Down Meditation Box: Includes Sage, Palo Santo, affirmation cards and downloadable meditations, healing crystals and more. Whether part of a daily evening ritual, or as a reward after a stressful week, this little box of treats, will help you cleanse home energy and help wind down and relax.

The Retreat Meditation Box: Including Sage, Palo Santo, affirmations & downloadable meditations, tea, bath salts, a journal, eye pillow, jade roller and more, this kit also doubles as a beautiful gift for someone who could do with a bit of a home retreat. Helping to create a sanctuary of calm and peace in any space, this box will transport you to a wellness retreat all of your own.

Energy Cleansing Sanctuary Box: With affirmation cards, downloadable meditations and yoga nidra exercises, as well as a Lavender & Geranium candle, a Sage stick and two Palo Santo sticks, this kit will help cleanse your energy. The products’ myriad soothing properties can help with anxiety, insomnia, depression, and restlessness.

About Aysha Bell

Aysha Bell comes from a long line of healers and psychics. Her great great grandmother was a medicine woman in Trinidad who used herbs and spells, prayers and postures to heal and comfort. She was a medium and a psychic and she passed on those skills through to Aysha’s grandmother, and in turn to her mother and then herself.

Fiercely proud of her Caribbean heritage, Aysha weaves its ancient healing traditions throughout her own work. Born in West London, Aysha’ childhood wasn’t always easy, with her father dying at the hands of the police when she was just five, and a troubled route through an academic high school as a dyslexic student.

At the age of 20, Aysha gave birth to her daughter, who she struggled to raised as a single parent - due to depression, anxiety and agoraphobia. She began to self medicate with drink and drugs, which only made things worse of course, and there were times she couldn’t get out of the house or even pick up the phone. To help her cope with all that was happening, she began practicing meditation and yoga, which proved to be life-changing. And as part of her recovery, she decided to try to help others in the same way.

Aysha is trained in three different types of yoga (Vinyasa Flow, Kundalini and Yin), has studied meditation, breathwork, sound healing and Reiki (a Japanese form of energy healing), and explored herbal medicine and nutrition. She is currently also in training as a psychotherapist (psychosynthesis, a form of psychotherapy that focuses on the exploration of our human potential).

Aysha’s vast experience comes together in her holistic wellness brand, Aysha Bell Wellness. A celebration of all her expert knowledge in the various fields she has studied, the brand is her way of sharing what she has found to be a life-changing practice with her global community.

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