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Mother's Day Gift Idea: Candalia, The Home Fragrance That Transports The Senses

Updated: Dec 28, 2021

Candalia is a range of luxury candles and diffusers hand-made in the UK, while being inspired by a passion for travel and design. With Mother’s Day just around the corner, it looks likely that many families will be celebrating from afar. Candalia scents can help gift a moment of self-care, peace and serenity amidst the uncertainty of lockdown, while transporting her to exotic distant lands via the unique fragrances for the home.

  • Made with the finest, sustainable ingredients from across the world, each Candalia candle is hand-poured in the UK with 100% natural wax.

  • The candles and diffuser vessels can be recycled or repurposed and all the packaging is FSC certified.

  • Candalia’s range of elegant candles and diffusers deliver beautifully high quality aromatic fragrances for the home.

Candalia offers a range of six luxury fragrance combinations, each designed to build an ambiance that enhances wellbeing. From the refreshing Spring Bouquet with notes of Lily of the Valley, Jasmine and Wisteria, to the memorable Oud Rose fragrance with Arabian oud, Rose, Geranium, Sandalwood and Amber - each fragrance evokes a different mood or memory. The Soie Lavande fragrance range in particular can instil some much-needed relaxation, with the calming lavender fragrance enriched by notes of lily of the valley, white tea and a touch of sweet crushed vanilla.

We’ve spent time ensuring each product is made in a sustainable way, with every scent carefully considered to create fragrances that embrace life and love.” Alia Shah, Founder & Director, Candalia

About Candalia

Candalia was established by Alia Shah. Alia combined her passion for travel, fragrance and design to create luxury and elegant candles and diffusers. The design is studied in detail, each scent is presented in a clear glass with its name and the Candalia logo written in gold.

The Candalia fragrance collection includes:

Jasmine Fleur

Oud Rose

Spring Bouquet

Velvet Rouge

Soie Lavande

Fleur D’Oranger

Candalia fragrances are available as candles (77g for £12.00 and 220g for £30.00) or diffusers (£40.00) and can be purchased online at www.candalia.uk.

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