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Introducing HQube: The fast-action UV-C light sanitation device to keep your everyday items safe

Updated: Apr 1

  • HygieneQube is the innovative new sanitisation device for keeping items germ-free.

  • Using cutting-edge UV-C light technology, it kills 99.9% of bacteria in just three minutes.

  • UV LED lights with peak emission at ~286 nm (the same as HQube) have been found to help serve as an effective tool in the fight against human Coronavirus*.

  • Safe for use on your phone, handbag, wallet, keys - even parcels delivered to your home.

You might be militant about hand washing. You may use hand sanitiser like it’s going out of fashion. But what about all the items you touch throughout the day? From your phone to your tablet, car keys to your clothing, these everyday essentials could very well harbour more germs, bacteria and viruses than your toilet. Now you can kill those bugs fast with HQube, the ultimate solution to instant and reliable home sanitisation.


As an alternative to disinfectant sprays (which are laborious to use, can cause build-up or even damage certain electrical devices), HQube uses highly effective light technology to kill germs without the need for chemicals. A powerful steriliser, UV light technology has long been used in hospitals, care homes, laboratories, train stations and airports, and even as a back-up for disinfecting water. It’s also one of the safest methods of air purification, instantly killing illness-causing pathogens.

HQube uses UV-C light, a form of short-wavelength ultraviolet light with the power to denature bacteria, germs and viruses. This high-performance light destroys nucleic acids and disrupts the DNA of these microorganisms, rendering them practically unable to function, reproduce or infect which, as studies have shown*, makes it a powerful tool in the fight against coronavirus.

Put simply: face masks inhibit 21% of known pathogens; sanitising gels suppress (on average) 41% of germs and viruses; but independent tests confirm that HQube kills 99% of all germs in just three minutes. No mess, no build-up and no harmful chemicals.


HQube is ideal for any high-touch items that could harbour bacteria and germs. Think remote controls, incoming packages, surgical masks, mobile phones, baby bottles, money, wallets, jewellery, watches, toys, pens and any non-living items that you touch frequently.

To use, simply place your items inside, zip up the cube and turn it on. Because HQube will not operate until fully closed and a complete seal of light has formed, it’s totally safe for at-home use. Open it too early, and the light will turn off automatically.

Keep it by your front door for on-the-spot sanitisation the moment you get home, or the handy foldable design means it's easy to pack away. Plus it’s portable and lightweight, perfect for future post-lockdown travel plans.

*Gerchman et al’s (2020) study "V-LED disinfection of Coronavirus: Wavelength effect" proves the efficacy of short wavelength UV light for pathogen inactivation and suggests that UV LED with peak emission at ~286 nm (the same as HQube) could serve as an effective tool in the fight against human Coronavirus https://doi.org/10.1016/j.jphotobiol.2020.112044

HQube Classic (RRP £89) and HQube Large (RRP £129) are available now at hygieneqube.com

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