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MADE BY ZEN Chi Aroma Diffuser Aroma Meets Breathwork

New from MADE BY ZEN - the wellbeing brand that creates luxurious diffusers for the home - Chi Aroma Diffuser.

In ancient Chinese philosophy chi (pronounced qi) means life-force or breath. It is said that when we meditate, we increase our chi, which is our overall spiritual, mental and physical health, and a valuable antidote to the fast pace of our technology-driven culture.

Crafted in delicate translucent ceramic, Chi functions as both a stunning decorative piece and an aroma diffuser that creates a therapeutic and relaxing aura in your home.

Chi can also be your personal breathwork coach with its three unique breathing settings of Balance, Release and Clarity to simply mimic the breath to the dimming and brightening of Chi’s soothing light, which matches the pace of the selected breathwork exercise. When the light brightens, it’s time to inhale. When the light dims, exhale.

By combining guided breathwork with the soothing scents of essential oils, the Chi Aroma Diffuser creates an all-encompassing, at-home wellness system. Energy flows where attention goes and the new Chi Aroma Diffuser, with its eye-catching spherical design, was created to take centre stage during at-home meditations combining the forces of two wellbeing practises in one: breathwork and aromatherapy.

Benefits of breathwork:

  • Releases stress from the body

  • Deeper, more restful sleep

  • Decreases cortisol and adrenaline

  • Improves concentration and energy

The fragrance is diffused using nano-mist technology from Chi’s centre, which transforms aromatherapy oils into a mist of potent particles.

Meditation at the click of a button from the comfort of your home, the Chi Aroma Diffuser by MADE BY ZEN creates a pocket of mindfulness, by allowing you to press the pause button on the humdrum of chores, childcare and work pressures and escape to a place of inner peace and serenity.


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