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Updated: Jun 22, 2022

A planet-first revolution in the way people shop is underway and new online fashion portal Madeby_ is leading the charge.

Madeby_ is the first solution-led discovery platform to cut through industry green talk and combine blockchain-backed data with storytelling to provide a comprehensive holistic guide to ethical and sustainable brands around the world.

The newly launched platform gives shoppers the stories behind the products while also verifying the eco credentials of each and every brand through a unique tagging system. At a time when studies show that the majority of people feel misled by green buzzwords in advertising, Madeby_ is on a mission to reshape shopping habits, bringing human values back into the retail space by connecting shoppers to the makers behind the things they love. Instead of having to navigate often complex and confusing sustainability messaging, consumers will be able to break through the noise to easily identify what stands up to scrutiny, so they can shop with confidence - knowing they are not compromising on their style or values.

Image c/o Mifuko

Madeby_ has devised a ground-breaking proprietary Honesty Framework, which works through a system of clear and verified standards, plus easy-to-scan interactive QR codes on products. The curated platform is the brainchild of Paola Masperi, whose award-winning sustainability womenswear label Mayamiko counts the Duchess of Sussex and Laura Whitmore among its fans.

“A growing movement of shoppers look for products that are good for people and the planet, but how do they know they can trust what brands are saying?” says founder Masperi.

“With Madeby_, you get all the information you need to take back your power when you choose what to buy. We’re all about championing responsible consumerism.”

Madeby_’s Honesty Framework simplifies complex sustainability information into a value system using blockchain and AI technology to extract, tag and validate. Thus, a brand or product will only receive the ‘Madeby_ verified’ logo if its environmental and social claims can be verified and backed by data. By democratising access to transparency tools, Madeby_ hopes to ultimately create a more equitable and accountable industry.

“As a brand founder, I know how hard it is to do things in a socially and environmentally responsible way and get your message across in a way that resonates, especially when you don’t have a huge marketing budget,” says Masperi.

“I wanted to open this up and make sure transparency was democratised and accessible to brands regardless of size and budget; levelling the playing field, so to speak.”

Image c/o Amma

The digital discovery and storytelling platform, which features well-known labels such as People Tree and Elvis & Kresse, matches brands and products with shoppers to create a personalised experience. Size and turnover are no barrier. Independent makers, artisans and small brands are featured alongside international luxury houses and given the same chance to tell their stories in their own words.

This means that small companies such as Guatemala-based Hiptipico, which showcases the work of Mayan artisans, and Laos-based Article22, which makes jewellery out of landmines, are able to connect more deeply with consumers by educating them on the skills, craftsmanship, traditions and ethics of their products.

Mindful shoppers can access a brand’s website directly or browse individual products. They can also track the progress over time of brands from around the world, including the UK, US, India and Africa.

Other Madeby_ verified brands include:

Pala Eyewear – its sunglasses are handmade using Italian bio-acetate, which is plant-based and certified biodegradable. For every pair sold, Pala gives back to eye-care programmes in Africa, helping to change the lives of thousands of sight-impaired people.

Gung Ho – a size-inclusive London-based womenswear label, which works with natural and sustainable fabrics and offers a bespoke, made-to-order collection to increase choice and minimise waste. It also explores different environmental and societal issues in its designs and donates 10% of all profits to specific causes.

Mifuko – a Finnish basket and homeware label, its products are handmade in Kenya by artisans from women’s self-help groups. The baskets weave together classic Nordic design, traditional Kenyan handcraft and the story of a strong, independent woman whose signature can be found on the label.

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