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Unravelling the Root Cause of Imbalances and Dysfunctions with Gutfulness Nutritional Therapy

Updated: Jan 7

  • Marilia Chamon, Founder of Gutfulness Nutritional Therapy, is a registered Nutritional Therapist and trained Functional Medicine practitioner from the Institute for Functional Medicine, as a result of her undiagnosed Post-Infectious Irritable Bowel Syndrome (PI-IBS).

  • In January 2021, Gutfulness Nutrition will launch two new programmes applying both Functional Medicine and Nutritional Therapy for a more integrative approach to client’s health:

  • The Restore programme is perfect for individuals that do not have an overly complicated health history. This programme is for people who want to restore health and energy, improve digestion and sleep, have a better understanding of what to eat and feel confident with food and lifestyle choices.

  • The Transform programme is a more comprehensive programme designed for individuals that suffer with chronic health conditions that conventional medicine has failed to assist including digestive issues, IBS, autoimmune diseases, skin problems, fatigue etc. This programme is for clients who want to get to the root cause of their concern and transform their health.

  • Marilia will offer these new programmes alongside private consultations and functional testing recommendations plus offerings such as Guided Food Shopping.

Marilia first developed digestive issues in 2010 after a nasty bout of food poisoning. After seeking medical advice she was diagnosed with stress related gut issues and at the time the only solutions provided were indigestion tablets and antacids to alleviate the symptoms. Marilia took the suggested medication but continued to suffer with long-term discomfort of symptoms such as bloating, abdominal pain, brain fog and muscle pain and fatigue. This is the situation for many people who, having received medical diagnoses, may manage to alleviate symptoms but not resolve their long-term health issues.

After years of research, personal development and formal study Marilia realised that her condition was actually a condition called Post-Infectious Irritable Bowel Syndrome (PI-IBS), which triggers an autoimmune reaction due to a bacterial infection and causes nerve damage and gut dysmotility. Marilia then went on a journey to find a solution and after years of research and personal experience she realised that both physical and mental wellbeing is intrinsically connected to the health of the gut. This is because the enteric nervous system (the nervous system of the GI tract) is involved in a two-way communication pathway with the brain known as the gut-brain-axis. This allows the brain to send messages down to the gut and vice versa through visceral nerves, which is how the gut microbiome can modulate emotion and behaviour. Many go through life not knowing an imbalanced gut microbiome is a catalyst for many chronic and complicated health conditions and it is where most imbalances and dysfunctions start. Simply put, a healthy gut is the core foundation for a healthy body and a healthy mind. Marilia’s personal journey to find and fight her own disease led her to establish Gutfulness Nutritional Therapy, so she could use the knowledge gained to help others.

The majority of people can choose to either feed or fight disease through the things they consume. With an increasing number of science-led investigations into how food affects wellbeing, more are becoming mindful of what they ingest and how it can affect their health and this is the basis of Gutfulness Nutritional Therapy. Marilia applies the principles of Functional Medicine and Nutritional Therapy in her practice which aims to identify the core imbalances and dysfunctions that underlie or cause a specific health condition. Through her study of Functional Medicine, Marilia views the body as a whole system rather than an isolated issue and can identify how one symptom or illness can cause a domino effect in the body to cause chronic illness.

Signs of an unhappy gut can include:

• Gas, bloating, constipation, diarrhoea

• Abdominal pain and cramps

• Food intolerances

• Nutritional deficiencies

• Autoimmune conditions

• Sleep disturbances

• Chronic fatigue

• Skin irritations and acne

• Anxiety and depression

• Poor concentration

• Unintentional weight gain/loss

• Hormonal imbalances

In a world of convenience where quick fixes, from diets to pills, are rife, Marilia knew from her own experience that when it came to health nothing happens overnight. Most people are unaware of internal inflammation and only seek to fix external issues like weight gain, poor skin or tiredness. Marilia manages her clients with the ethos that you must work from the inside out and, unless there is a compelling reason to not do so, always start with the gut. This focus strives to bring back balance through nutrition and lifestyle changes rather than medication. Her food-first approach is highly successful in rooting out many issues, with many of her clients achieving huge lifelong health and wellness changes. As almost 90% of chronic diseases are driven by environment, i.e. diet, stress, medication, stress, pollution etc., her approach includes a health timeline, lifestyle factors, mental and emotional state assessments and clinical testing to create a 360 approach to the care programme. Marilia also uses a world-renowned and respected laboratory for client testing including stool samples and tests for rarer gut issues including SIBO.

Notes to Editors

Gutfulness Nutritional Therapy is based in London but Marilia can operate her consultations, programmes and test results digitally for anyone outside London.

Functional Testing Offered (not a complete list):

  • Nutrition Status Assessment

  • Advanced Intestinal Barrier Assessment

  • Fructose Malabsorption Test

  • SIBO Breath Test

  • Food Sensitivity & Allergy Panel

  • Heavy Metals Panel

  • Mycotoxins Panel

  • Parasitology Panel

  • Mold Profile

  • Viral Panel

  • Comprehensive Thyroid Profile

  • Neurotransmitters Profile

  • Stress Profile

  • Gastrointestinal Health and Microbiome Profile

For more information, please visit gutfulnessnutrition.com.

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