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Najture: New Sustainable Phone Case Brand with Recycling Initiative Launches Crowdfunding Campaign

Updated: Aug 19, 2020

On a mission to reinvent a linear e-commerce model into a circular one, Najture was born of a desire for a phone case that was both biodegradable and easily compostable. The result is not only a genuinely sustainable phone case but also an effective and accessible disposal solution.

The current process of trading in and returning a product to be upcycled is complicated. So complicated that most consumers and brands avoid it. Najture is striving to make this the new norm, by simplifying the process and offering to recycle any phone case on the market. Taking no more than 5 minutes, customers are incentivised to fill in the Najture Trade-In online form, hand the case over to the Najture courier and in return receive a discount code for their next Najture purchase.

Through its circular e-commerce model, Najture manages the existence of the phone cases from creation until the end of their functional lifecycle to drive responsible economic development and reduce the flow of plastic into oceans.

To put the current global crisis into perspective:

  • 1.5 billion plastic phone cases are produced every year (this could fill 16 Wembley stadiums)

  • Over 2,000kg of toxic plastics end up in the sea every 10 seconds

  • 40% of earth’s ocean areas are impacted by plastics

  • Common plastics can take 2-500 years to decompose, releasing toxins as they go

  • Global leaders like Richard Branson, Bill Gates, Ray Dalio, Mark Zuckerberg consider plastic pollution in the ocean to be a major global problem.

The Najture case is designed in Italy using a combination of the bioplastic PBAT (a compostable resin which is found in natural environments and is a biodegradable random copolymer) and calcium carbonate (a common substance found in rocks). These cutting edge, earth-conscious materials do not interfere in the food chain and, once decomposed, they can actually help nurture soils for the following planting season, rather than poisoning it as the plastic alternatives would.

In order to make their goal a reality, Najture is launching a crowdfunding campaign on September 1st asking consumers to back their mission to help the brand to:

  • Launch manufacturing: Manufacturing, packaging, transportation and distribution.

  • Develop a technologically advanced website with trade-in software, product customisation features, order tracking features for transparent reporting of each item.

  • Integrate trade-in software with manufacturers, couriers, customers, recycling companies and industrial composting facilities.

  • Collaborate and reward communities working on beach cleanups.

  • Support communities focused on planting trees in selected areas.

  • Disrupt the e-commerce industry by being a leading sustainable accessories company at affordable prices (accessories are considered to be the worst retail niche for creating circular flow)

  • Invest in two moulds to produce new models which will be tested for ocean water biodegradation.

Najture has also partnered with OneTreePlanted and for every backer of the crowdfunding campaign, Najture will plant one tree. The trees are planted by local partner organizations and community volunteers in areas where there has been deforestation. Caring deeply about the planet is in the brands DNA and creating a business that gives back to nature is what it is striving to achieve.

“We took everything other phone cases do and refused to accept it. Najture is built from scratch, inspired only by feel-good experience and future-thinking. By backing this campaign our consumers can help finance Najture’s very first production run. And help create an entirely new eco industry e-commerce model. One that’s focused on ethics, quality and simplicity.” said Najture founding CEO Maros Matija.

By prioritising sustainability without compromising style and performance, Najture customers aren’t just protecting their phone, but protecting the planet’s future too.

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