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VAHDAM® India launches its first NFT, 'Ticket to Mars'.

Updated: Dec 28, 2021

VAHDAM® India has joined the likes of Pringles and Pizza Hut in launching its first NFT.

VAHDAM® India, the wellness, tea and superfood brand, has just launched an NFT, becoming the first Indian tea brand to do so.

After introducing the best of Indian tea to the world, VAHDAM is now on a mission to take tea to outer space. The NFT, 'Ticket to Mars' is an exclusive virtual token to a one-of-a-kind intergalactic expedition through your favourite brews and amidst magnificent views.

An NFT is a type of cryptography token that acts as a digital deed of ownership. It can only have one owner at any given time, and cannot be copied or modified. While fungible digital assets, such as bitcoin, can be traded and exchanged as currency, non-fungible assets act more like collectables, which can increase in value over time — much like physical artworks.

VAHDAM® India is auctioning off 10 limited-edition pieces of its animated artwork 'Ticket to Mars', as non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

Purchase of the NFT earns the buyer rights to a 1080×1080-pixel, 35-second video file on the trading NFT marketplace platform, OpenSea, starting at 0.015 ETH (approx. $48.03) and can only be purchased using cryptocurrency. The buyer of these NFTs will also get access to exclusive unlockable content which is a $100 e-gift voucher.

NFTs are game-changers because they restore scarcity in the digital space. We saw this as a great way for our customers to connect with us and for them to have a unique experience with the space race. NFTs are on the rise and today, the interest in NFTs is only increasing

- Bala Sarda, VAHDAM® India Founder & CEO

In the past, brands such as Pringles, Taco Bell and Pizza Hut have also launched NFTs, with the NFT industry picking up at the same rate that cryptocurrency previously did. NFTs are yet another symbol of the exponential growth of digital currency, as people try to keep pace with growing blockchain technology.

About VAHDAM® India

VAHDAM® India is a digitally native, global wellness brand making India’s finest teas and superfoods available to consumers across the world. Founded in 2015 by the then 23-year-old Bala Sarda, VAHDAM® India has been endorsed by global icons including Oprah Winfrey, Ellen DeGeneres, Mariah Carey and Martha Stewart, among others. VAHDAM® India has been shipped to over 2 million consumers across 130 countries. VAHDAM® India places sustainability and social initiatives at the centre of its ethos.

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