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We're Hiring!

Picture of Caroline Pycroft, Health and Beauty Consultant at PR Agency WHITEHAIR.CO

We are looking for a PR unicorn! Job title dependent on experience...


For an entry/assistant or executive level version of the position - candidates should have 1/2 year's full-time employment (excluding internships/placements) in PR (agency or in-house), with a good reference. Alternatively, those who have successfully completed a work experience placement period at WHITEHAIR.CO - while demonstrating some of the skills required for this role - may also be considered.


For a more senior candidate - the role would be PR and Communications Manager - working across our portfolio of fashion/lifestyle clients - ensuring regular and high-quality press coverage.


The main objective of this role is to help ensure all PR opportunities are maximized, while proactively, and creatively, seeking out more. 


The role includes:

  • Regular contact with a key press to ensure a consistent product and feature placement - online and in print.

  • Ensure all coverage is monitored, promptly received and screenshot and shared.

  • Creation of media alerts and press releases.

  • Regular development of the database - including input/updates and creating targeted press lists for different stories.

  • Tracking of all activity with status reports.

And for a more senior level candidate:

  • Creation and implementation of PR strategies.

  • Client Management.


We are proud of our office culture.​ We’re super straightforward, positive and like to have fun at work. So are looking for the same in our next team member. We have a relaxed approach to work in the office - tunes are always on, we hot-desk to encourage teamwork, and hours can be flexible. This said…

We don’t work like most traditional PR agencies. The fast-paced new digital world is not 9-5, and nor are we.


While being strategically proactive in office hours, it’s often highly reactive out of office hours service that yields results. So we like to have rapid response and quick turnaround time, to ensure no opportunity is missed.

With this in mind, this role is best suited to someone who - like the existing team - is flexible in their approach to working hours. This means being responsive to press, clients and the rest of the team (within reason) outside of office hours. Also when we have events at weekends and/or evenings.




  1. Excellent communication skills - written and verbal - in order to craft e-mail pitches/press release and sell-in stories.

  2. Sound knowledge of key UK consumer lifestyle media. Both print and online.

  3. Someone in a position to leverage contacts within the industry.



​​We are looking for someone who loves what they do and gets as excited as we do when an amazing placement has been secured for our clients.

You should be:

  1. Proactive, pacey and positive; thriving in a busy environment.

  2. Tenacious - a problem solver.

  3. Organized, strategic and methodical.

  4. Willing to go the extra mile.

To apply, please send your CV to - highlighting RELEVANT experience only.

  For a further feel the WHITEHAIR.CO job interview process (and to have a giggle), feel free to watch this: