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Traditional & digital pr

Although PR often drives sales, it also builds awareness and trust, helping you stand out from the competition. It is a service that requires social awareness, quick thinking, diplomacy, and strategic thinking.


WHITEHAIR.CO is a COLLECTIVE of well-connected PR professionals with both traditional PR know-how and new media/digital savvy. As an extension of your team, we ensure we have tried and tested your product or service, so we understand its USP’s, and can be authentic and compelling in recommending them to our contacts. Especially as we are often leveraging much sought after personal relationships.


PR services offered include (but are not limited to) those listed below:

  • UK print, digital, broadcast & podcast PR

  • feature, news, interview, expert comment & credit placements

  • press release distribution

  • celebrity endorsement deals (event hosting & media interviews)

  • backlink strategies & affiliate partnerships

  • press trips

  • reputation & crisis management

  • global PR agency lead function

  • & more.

  • online reputation management

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The WHITEHAIR.CO team includes an award winning blogger, writers who regularly contribute to publications such as The Telegraph, Conde Nast Traveller and Daily Mail, along with a former magazine editor, and those who specialise in SEO friendly web copy and blogs.


With an ability to craft everything from beautiful narratives to corporate copy, writing services offered include (but are not limited to) those listed below: 


  • press releases & media alerts

  • professional bios

  • product descriptions

  • copy refreshes

  • brand creation: names & tag-lines brand language & tone of voice, about the brand & mission statements

  • SEO friendly blog posts


The media landscape is unrecognisable from what it once was, and in this new era, social media often creates more effective exposure for your brand than traditional editorial. While A-list celebrity dressing and seeding wins are often the gift that keeps on giving. With the foresight to see this evolution coming, influencers have been an integral part of the WHITEHAIR.CO communications strategies for many years. And with relationships with most of the key UK celebrities and influencers forged over many years, we regularly create invaluable opportunities for our clients.

Influencer relations services offered include (but are not limited to) those listed below:

  • identification of aligned content creators

  • recruitment of ambassadors

  • seeding programs

  • celebrity dressing

  • product placement

  • collaborations

  • creative activations

  • trip curation & hosting

  • blogger relations

  • creative mailers from concept to logistics

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Influencer Relations

brand consultancy & identity

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The WHITEHAIR.CO COLLECTIVE includes creative and accomplished brand strategists, with a clear understanding of aesthetics, culture, lifestyle and sustainability. Enabling us to help your brand stand for and stand out for something meaningful, to find its place in the market with an attention grabbing and bold story, while increasing opportunities for sales.


Working in a collaborative way with both start-ups and established brands, at all stages of their evolution, services include:

  • brand audits & consultancy (from power hours to immersion workshops)

  • strategy & launch flight paths

  • brand visual identity including logos, alternate marks, fonts and colour palettes

  • brand book refreshes

  • brand strategy - including own-able space, brand pillars, customer profiles and journey and brand vernacular (including tone and voice)

  • strategic retail introductions

  • brand architecture (for businesses with multiple sub brands, we can create a clear, and coherent consumer facing presentation of the brand portfolio)

  • brand image refreshes 

Brand Identity
Digital & Social Media Marketing


WHITEHAIR.CO offers holistic digital marketing consultancy with expertise in ecommerce, social media strategy, content creation and SEO. We help brands plan and build customer journeys from the first encounter to post-purchase. Creating a coherent message and visual 'language' across all media, and offering dedicated guidance on digital output from newsletters and social media to web content, including effective content to increase customer engagement, brand awareness and sales. Services include but are not limited to:

  • strategy & consultancy

  • social media: strategy, marketing, account management, content creation - copy, graphics, photography & analytics

  • blogs & email marketing

  • reciprocal newsletter marketing

  • e-commerce digital content

  • community engagement

  • paid advertising: google, facebook, instagram, amazon...

  • website builds

  • organic and paid lead magnets / generation + promotions/ads.

  • brand partnerships

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We love coming up with creative concepts to help reinforce brand messages and create buzz. And our bespoke events range from yoga classes and wellness workshops to intimate dining events to big celebrity bashes. With many "events" moving online since social distancing came into place, services include:

  • ideation & creative direction

  • production

  • product launches

  • intimate launch moments

  • guest-list management:

      press, celebrities & influencers

  • listings & social press (when applicable)

Press and VIP Events

Let's talk!

Do get in touch if you're interested in finding out more, and we will let you know if we can propose a tailored package to suit your specific requirements.

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