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WORLD EARTH DAY 22 April 2023: Sustainable activewear brand Silverwind recycled 82,688 plastic bottles to use in its clothes in 2022, and is committed to increasing this number in 2023.

Silverwind sustainability facts:

  • Its patterned activewear is made from recycled plastic (RPET)

  • 16 plastic bottles are recycled to make every patterned sports bra

  • 28 plastic bottles are recycled to make every pair of patterned leggings

  • Creating RPET not only uses 50% less energy than making plastic from scratch, but also ensures that plastic bottles don't end up in the world’s oceans or in landfill

  • Rather than obtaining its core material through the damaging process of crude oil extraction, Silverwind instead makes use of a product in abundance which may otherwise contributed to global pollution

  • All of its fabric is certified Standard 100 by Oeko-Tex, which means its clothes are free from any harmful substances, including arsenic, lead, phthalates, formaldehyde and pesticides

  • Its RPET recycled fabric is also made with the Global Recycled Standard (GRS) which proves that its products are being made with recycled material in a sustainable and ethical way

  • Silverwind’s swimwear is made from ECONYL- regenerated nylon made from fishing nets and ocean debris

  • Its production method uses less water and ensures less waste than traditional methods

  • Silverwind uses 100% plastic-free packaging and estimates that this contributed to a saving of 6,528 plastic bags in 2022

  • Overproduction is one of the biggest problems in the fashion industry. Silverwind only produces a limited amount and keeps its inventory low to prevent waste

The below are all made using 84% RPET:

Clockwise, from top left:

Adaline is inspired by the bohemian spirit of freedom, passion, and romance. Silverwind’s designers extracted the free and flowing form of water with the white silhouette of butterflies to show the tenderness of female figures, then paired this element with the contrasting warm geometry to represent reinforcement and strength. Just like the Adaline from the Greek Mythology story - who is gentle, kind and beautiful outside, but tough and strong inside.

Bra top: £39; leggings: £56

Goddess: peaceful colours, graceful vibes and harmonious feelings. The print features a beautiful picture of the grass swaying in the wind and showing vitality under the nourishment from the earth and rain. The forest goddess, patroness of forests and animals, rises from the moving grass to celebrate female power and praise the contribution women make to society.

Bra top: £37; leggings: £52

Bella: Freedom, passion and amor. Romantic and mysterious hues of lavender and sapphire combine into freely-arranged diamond patterns for a full-on bohemian vibe. This print is a standalone stunner, designed for beautiful belles.

Bra top: £39; leggings: £56

Nirvana: Inspired by the story of Noah's Ark in the Bible, where the dove held a green olive branch and the earth returned to peace. The patterns are a combination of an olive branch and maple poplar to represent lushness and liveliness. The quaint earthy hue is adopted to create a sense of purity and peace.

Bra top: £39; leggings: £51

Infinity: The Infinity print features an abstract desert, clear moon, and mysterious galaxy, representing the revelation, illumination, and unknown respectively. With a mystical and calming palette of purple, this haute spiritual-inspired print is worthy of your meditation time, to deeply reconnect with your inner self and engage your infinite strength inside you.

Bra top: £43; leggings: £52

All Silverwind garments are available in 12 different size options, with petite or regular fit. Samples are available for shoots and review. You can view the full collection here.

You can learn more about how Silverwind strives to #livesustainably here.

For further information, images, and samples, please contact:

Vanessa Munnings

+44 (0)7907174770

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