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Ethical and sustainable activewear brand Universal Performance (UP) has added new products to its latest collection which use nature-based fabrics made from organic cotton and bamboo.

In a world consumed by fast fashion, overproduction and flash sales, UP believes in creating performance clothing made ethically, from nature. UP clothing contains an eco-friendly odour and bacteria-crunching technology which enables you to wear it more and wash it less, which is ultimately better for the environment.

Seamless Universal active leggings and matching bra top: the next level when it comes to comfort, performance and style - and now available in coral. Both are made from strong, durable fabric that holds and supports, with a high waist and body contouring.

All of UP’s seamless styles are made in a single and continuous knitting process meaning you are free from chaffing, providing you with a more comfortable and better-looking garment. Leggings: £40; bra top: £42 - both available now.

Launching in April, UP’s first ever women's athletic ‘Go the Distance’ range - an athletic vest and t-shirt each in three vibrant colours. Super soft, durable and bright, these garments will be available in daffodil yellow, fruit dove pink and tranquil blue.

Using recycled polyamide, UP makes only a few garments at a time, meaning its fabric may only run for a few metres, but they allow you to run for miles! Prices: Vest £25; T-shirt £28.

Seamless Bamboo Thong: These super soft, high waisted bamboo thongs are made from breathable, odour and moisture-wicking bamboo fabric. The manufacture of this fabric uses no pesticides or fertilisers and a third less water than cotton.

The seamless thong is made with comfort in mind, is sold in packs of three and available in three colours: black, white and nude. Price: £24 and available now.

For further information, high-res images or review sample requests, please contact:

Vanessa Munnings

+44 (0) 7907174770



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