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TENCEL™ LUXE x PEET DULLAERT Couture FW22 |10 YEARS "For the Oceans"

Updated: Jul 7, 2022




Peet Dullaert states "To commemorate 10 years of the house, I wanted to go back to our origin story, my love for the oceans and admiration for the human body. Paying homage to the ocean’s luminous colours, the tidal waves that breathe movement, the transcendent flow that connects us mortals; the oceans have been our guiding architect.

I do not want to wax eloquent about sustainable development, I want the house’s history of work and recognition of our clients that adorn our creations to speak louder. Whilst we celebrate 10 years of the brand, I am reminded that as a global collective we are running out of time. With the urgency that engulfs us, this collection is my reminder to celebrate more passionately than I have ever before, the people and the planet."

TENCEL™ LUXE filament yarn is used to create lookbook looks: 24 , 25 , 26 , 27 , 30 , 35 - TENCEL™ LUXE looks found here (also seen above)

Delivering a responsible alternative in luxury, the collaboration with TENCEL™ LUXE, the revolutionary, sustainable, and biodegradable alternative to silk.

Dedicated craft and sustainable practice in both the Prêt-à-Porter and Couture collection are celebrated through a process highlighted by incredible fluidity, essential application to contemporary tailoring. Discover exclusive pieces emerge and feel the touch of conscious luxury.

Peet Dullaert: "The origin of TENCEL™LUXE is fascinating and inspiring to me; one filament at the base of it all, created in such a revolutionary and sustainable way. Being a collaborator of TENCEL™LUXE since its inception, I feel what connects us is the dedication and focus on responsible and modern design, with forward-thinking savoir-faire, and our partnership enables us to create a better world together.”

PEET DULLAERT is devoted to supporting initiatives that plant towards a greener future, under the company's Care for Earth pledge. [4] This approach is part of the Maison's mission to further its responsible in-house production cycle [5], with sustainable made-to-order collections at its foundation. "While we celebrate unique vision and identity of people, connect generations, and reflect on the world with responsibly made collections, we share tribute stories inspired by our resonating Earth and the mystical environments surrounding us. In essence, we communicate a responsible alternative for luxury fashion and highlight our inseparable connection with Earth and our responsibility to care; As people, as a community."

Peet adds "What is beauty, the question that is the bane of our industry’s existence, cannot be addressed with only the presentation of the end product on the runway. I want to deconstruct the set norms of Couture and show you the process done differently. From the cuts that mould on the body, to embrace it, not claim; our inspiration at the Atelier is rooted in the celebration of the myriad of human silhouettes.

Triangles where the moon, sun and earth meet, a tidal wave to honour the movement of the body. You are meant to live in your clothes, to dance, to eat, to be. The creations, crafted by artisanal fabric manipulation, result in unique surfaces that honour nature, reinterpret suiting [1] and flou-tailoring [2]. The exploration of organic shapes and the human anatomy through re-invented techno-pleat designs [3] is what the collection speaks to."


For further information on TENCEL™ LUXE or PEET DULLAERT please contact: / +447949020230

For further information on TENCEL™ please contact: / +447702807048



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