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Updated: Jun 1

Produced in Lincolnshire, AEOS is the latest British brand to put local, organic and sustainable skincare on the map

AEOS has been created by a team of experts in ancient alchemy and skincare specialists to produce forward-thinking formulas that are set to shake up the organic skincare market offering a collection of 18 skincare and bodycare products.

Using ingredients harvested on a Demeter-certified biodynamic farm in Lincolnshire, AEOS is a shining example of how a sustainable and circular loop system, that draws on its own wildlife and crops to guarantee nothing external (such as artificial fertilisers or pesticides) tampers with the soil, can produce high-performing, results-driven products. Even the water used is from the farm’s own water source is purified via vortex pipes and filtered using crystal technologies to ensure nothing ‘unnatural’ gets in the way of efficacy.


For AEOS, organic comes as standard - it’s the processes on top of that which elevates the ingredients and allows the products to have a direct benefit on the users’ own energy field. That’s because alongside the active plant extracts, essences and essential oils, AEOS produce spagyric quintessences tinctures which take up to 12 months to produce and sees solid crystals transform into a liquid form.

A process of separation and purification that takes place before the most beneficial of the crystals are recombined, it essentially allows the ‘useful’ parts to be split up from the ‘useless’. The result is a highly concentrated active crystal quintessence that can be absorbed by the semi-permeable membrane of the skin, to provide beneficial properties to the body (complexion), mind (emotions) and soul.

“Crystals contain a living memory of the ages, a consciousness that enables them to be both receivers and transmitters of information which can be a catalyst for knowledge and awareness within us. The cleansing, healing and vibrational powers of crystals and gems have long been revered. It’s their natural colours and vibratory resonance that transmit a unique depth of potency potential, one that is harnessed over the many years it takes to form the stone, sometimes hundreds of thousands of years.” Mike Booth


Everyone knows beauty isn’t just about the ingredients; it’s the look, touch, feel and smell of a product that attracts the crowds too and all the aromas and colours in AEOS products are 100% natural and plant derived. They also believe that choosing products via colour and mood can help boost their efficacy as it’s your bodies’ own intuition telling you what it needs. It takes trusting your gut to the next level. Especially considering that we hold a lot of emotion on our face.

For this reason, the skincare range is divided into blue, pink and yellow.

Blue – is an indication you’re searching for peace and serenity and therefore the formulas are rich in skin-soothing chamomile and enhanced with spagyric crystal quintessences of amethyst, turquoise and emerald.Ideal for those of us who desire more peace in our lives, the AEOS Blue products help to soothe away the effects of stress from your skin.

Includes: Gentle Cleansing Lotion Blue, Gentle Exfoliant Blue, Enriching Moisturiser Blue

Pink – is a gentle reminder to love and look after yourself, just as you nurture and look after your loved ones. Designed to support your heart chakra, alongside rose and rosehip flower oils, spagyric crystal quintessences of fire opal, rose quartz and rubellite help to create a healthy, rosy glow.

Includes: Gentle Cleansing Lotion Pink, Gentle Exfoliant Pink, Enriching Moisturiser Pink

Yellow – links to joy, happiness and self-confidence. It is also the colour that has a balancing effect on the nervous system so is especially good to use from top to toe and is why it’s been saved for the bodycare collection. With spagyric crystal quintessences of fire opal, calcite and zincite, it’s like covering your skin in sunshine.

Includes: Beauty Body Lotion Awakening, Beauty Body Lotion Harmonising


The purified and energised water helps support the skin’s natural hydration levels but included in each and every AEOS product is a healthy amount of biodynamic Spelt Oil too. Extracted via CO2 methods to maintain all the skin-transforming compounds, it’s rich in vitamin E, essential fatty acids and has excellent antioxidant and regenerative properties. With high absorption rates, it’s the quick fix that compromised skin barriers or those suffering from dryness crave.

Highly concentrated formulas which means a little goes a long way, each ingredient has been carefully considered to produce a comprehensive and incredibly active formula that’s as kind to skin as it is on the environment.

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