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320 MHz launches two new @home Face Masks with innovative and regenerative Plant Cell bio-actives

Updated: Jan 22, 2021

  • 320 MHz continues to push the boundaries of advanced plant cell bio-actives within a preservative free, vegan and microbiome friendly ethos. With formulations including some of the most scientifically advanced natural bio-actives in the world.

  • British, independent, 100% natural and vegan skincare. Harnessing the power of nature without any interference with the life force of the ingredients.

  • 320 MHz is also committed to the preservation of ancient botanicals in small communities with Green World Campaign, a reforestation organisation in Africa.

  • New for 2020 is the Yuzu Cleanser Serum. Inspired by the ancient Japanese rituals of the Geisha girls. In tests, the majority of users were able to achieve a high % of their skin care goals whilst also removing surplus steps.

  • New autumn 2020 releases include two new at home Face Mask treatments imbued with a pantheon of luxury and high performance ingredients.

One of the brand's ‘Green Beauty' missions is to capture its plant harvests with the least possible interference, ensuring the botanic life force is undiminished by preservatives and harsh processing. Combining its signature, full spectrum Moringa and Organic Rose Otto and Neroli essential oils, the range is imbued with advanced plant cell bio-active extracts from the Arctic Circle along with award-winning ocean and shoreline plant and micro algae bio-actives. All oils are bottled in photo-biotic glass to protect the integrity of the product and come with a remarkable 30-month certified shelf life considering there are no additives or synthetics.

Inspired by the new generation of advanced plant cell bio-actives, holistic skincare, and aromatherapy, founder Paul Berrow, worked with two of the most innovative laboratories in Britain and France to create this 100% pure and 100% preservative-free range, with zero compromise on quality or extended shelf life.

The highly controlled scientific process involves harnessing the inherent bio-energy or life force of plant life which can be measured as an electromagnetic vibrational frequency. Organic essential oils, have the highest frequency of any natural substance, with Bulgarian rose oil measuring the highest at 320 MHz – hence the name. To produce its precious Bulgarian Rose Otto oil, 50 rose heads are gently steam-distilled to make a single drop and each of the ingredients – essential oils, seed oils, bio-actives, clays – are carefully harvested and bottled by hand. The 320 MHz serum range is water-free, contains no additives or synthetics, no animal testing and every ingredient is sustainably sourced.

"Cellular alignment refers to a principle within a philosophy that believes that the relationship between botanical cells and human cells be they ingested or topically applied will always be more beneficial where the least possible interference with the plants natural state occurs and the inherent life force has been respected. We applaud the values of Cellularism. Our mission is to remove water and preservatives from skin care formulations,” says Berrow, whose fascination with the disciplines of advanced plant cell science inspired him to create this unique preservative-free range. “We don’t use water in our serums and if you don’t use water you don’t have a bacterial problem, which in turn means no preservatives are required. All our high-performance plant cell bio-actives are liposoluble.”

Tapping into increasing consumer demand for “green beauty”, the revolutionary new 320 MHz bio-active products focus on achieving 'cellular alignment' between our skin cells and the natural world's botanic gifts.

NEW FOR 2021

Age Repair Serum Mask

An intense age-repair, moisturising and cleansing Serum mask to activate cellular regeneration.

Chlorella and Wakame macro algae bio-actives support collagen production, microcirculation, matrix repair and softening of fine lines whilst limiting the effects of inflamatory aggressors.

Super food seed oils Cacay, Rosehip, Oat, Cranberry and Moringa provide balanced Omegas 3,6,9 nutrition and Pro-Vitamin A.

Ideal for use with Gua Sha and facial massage. All skin types.

Hydration Recovery Serum Mask

An intense moisture replenishing and antioxidant serum mask to activate cellular rehydration. Ocean shoreline Salicornia plant cell extract effectively restores epidermal hydration. Matcha Tea bio-active acts as a powerful cellular antioxidant. Super seed oils Moringa, Camilia Japonica, Lingonberry and Squalane provide balanced Omegas 3, 6, 9 nutrition and lipid repair.

Ideal for use with Gua Sha and facial massage. All skin types.

Yuzu Cleanser Serum

Uniquely imbued with advanced bio-active serums that support collagen production, microcirculation, matrix repair and softening of fine-lines whilst subduing the effects of silent inflammation caused by environmental aggressors.

Created for both AM / PM daily cleansing rituals at the crucial 'First Point of Contact' to optimise cellular absorption of bio-actives and deep cleanse highly receptive skin. A 'Royal Flush' of Omega balanced oils that emulsify and draw pollutants and makeup away from skin. (Moringa, Camellia Japonica, Marula, Rose Hip and Grapeseed cold pressed, organic seed oils)

Ideal for use with Gua Sha, micro needling and facial massage. All skin types.

Rose Otto Cellular Mist

This organic Rose Otto cellular mist nourishes and elevates the spirit with its exquisitely refreshing bouquet of Organic Rose Otto essential oil infused mountain spring water.

The line also features three reformulated complimentary products:

  • Hydration Recovery Serum - A combination of Arctic Lingonberry, rich in Omegas 3,6 and Vitamin E Tocotrienols, clinically proven to reduce hyper pigmentation and lighten age spots, imbued with Samphire and Wakame Algae bio-active ingredients - together they promote all-day moisture retention, balanced pigmentation and increased anti-oxidant activity within the mitochondria. Moringa, Baobab and Squalane Oil provide a further dose of lipids and locks moisture deep into the skin making this serum a great aftercare product for dermatological treatments such as as micro needling, due to the soothing, anti bacterial and anti inflammatory properties of Moringa and Baobab oil.

  • Age-Repair Sleep Elixir - an age regenerative overnight serum that combines the ‘retinoid-like’ action of Rock Samphire bio-active and the properties of Arctic Cranberry extract containing Vitamin E Tocotrienols and balanced Omega 3,6 & 9: reducing inflammation and granting anti-oxidant protection against the damaging effects of pollution and free radicals. With Hypoallergenic Lavandula flower extract and Moringa, Chia and Oat nutritional seed oils, this full spectrum serum gently increases cell turnover, nourishes and plumps fine lines whilst you sleep. Radically transformative.

  • Eye Line Elixir - a regenerative eye serum made with bio-active hypoallergenic Lavandula flower extract, Tears of Chios tree sap extract and Sea Buckthorn with its high level of carotenoids and rare Omega 7. This elixir diminishes fine lines, promotes anti-aging 'Youth Proteins' and reactivates the detoxification process, thus radically improving the skin's natural ability to eliminate waste from cells, making the complexion clearer and more radiant. Rose Peppercorn helps to promote vital and healthy skin through its ability to activate superficial micro-circulation to deliver optimum blood flow around the eyes. Fully balanced Omega 3,6,7 and 9.

Editor’s Footnotes:

  • Josh Wood was one of the initial stores to snap up the first few batches of the classic Organic Rose Otto range. The range is now also used in The Notting Hill Lazeo Clinic across all their treatments and post treatment after care and also enjoys a surge of enthusiastic international distributors.

  • Fans include Caroline Hirons, Trinny Woodall, Edwina Ings-Chambers, Lisa Oxenham, Victoria Woodhall, Charlotte Tilbury, Yasmin le Bon, Laura Bailey to name but a few.

Organic Rose Otto enhances wellbeing, affecting both olfactif senses and physiology and is traditionally used to calm and uplift. 320MHz uses the finest aromatherapy grade Organic Bulgarian Rose Otto oil, considered the best in the world. An essential oil that has no equal in aromatherapy, 50 rose heads are steam distilled to make a single precious droplet. And the name ‘320 MHz’ is a homage to the natural high frequency and intense olfactory power within this extraordinary essential oil, which calms and heals the body.

The Moringa Tree has been known as the miracle tree since the time of the Pharaohs and has extraordinary healing qualities and superfood status, which still resonates to this day. This exquisite oil forms the basis of the 320 MHz formulas. An oil chosen by the Pharaohs to take with them to their after-life and found within the Pyramids so that they might achieve everlasting beauty. Rich in essential fatty acids, it's an ideal moisturizer that heals and soothes. Complimented with a 'Royal Flush' of organic cold pressed seed oils Including Organic Camillia Japonica, Marula, Rose Hip and Grapeseed within the range.

Organic Neroli, Yuzu and Rose Otto Bio-Energetic 320MHz range includes:

Yuzu Cleanser Serum, 100ml £84 *

Age Repair Serum Mask 50mil £64*

Hydration Recovery Serum Mask 50mil £60*

Rose Otto Resurfacing Serum Mask 50mil £56*

Age-Repair Sleep Elixir, 30ml £78

Eye Line Elixir, 10ml £52

Hydration Recovery Serum, 30ml £75

Age-Repair and Hydration Recovery Gift Set £115

Organic Rose Otto Bio-Energetic 320MHz range includes:

Rose Otto Cellular Mist 100ml £55 *

Rose Otto Body Oil, 100ml £105

Rose Otto Anti-Age Night Repair, 30 ml £72

Rose Otto Hydration Restore, 30 ml £68

Anti-Age & Hydration Restore gift set, £109

Prices range from £52 to £115, all products are available to buy at:

*New release.

The 320MHz Bulgarian rose otto harvest -

as filmed by Joya Berrow (the founder’s daughter)

For further information or high-res images please contact:

Zoja Minic

+44 (0) 7715244678


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