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Updated: Dec 28, 2021

Meet Melike Hussein, the transformational conscious breath expert on a mission to get the nation breathing with awareness and purpose.

  • Did you know there’s an anatomically-correct way to breathe, where each breath is deep, slow, easy and fully engages the diaphragm?

  • Bad breathing habits can place the body in constant survival mode by triggering the nervous system, elongating feelings of stress, and impairing our cognitive abilities.

  • Leading conscious breathing expert Melike Hussein has developed a unique approach to breathwork – breathing with awareness and purpose – to remedy a nation of over-worked, stressed-out, poor breathers.

A tonic for these increasingly uncertain times, certified breath coach, mindfulness teacher and founder of Breathzone, Melike Hussein is fast-becoming the UK’s go-to conscious breathing expert. With enviable certification credentials and experience working with corporate partners and personal clients alike, Melike doesn’t just help clients unlearn a lifetime of bad breathing habits, she empowers them through scientifically-proven conscious breathwork and mindfulness practices - vital tools needed to support mental and emotional health, foster long-term stress-relief and build life-long resilience.


If anyone understands the true power of breathing with purpose, it’s Melike. After 15 years as a successful chartered accountant in the notoriously stressful world of finance, one day Melike’s body decided it had had enough. Just thinking about heading to the office caused her body to shake uncontrollably and she couldn’t even call out for help. It was clear: she had reached burnout. Signed off work with stress, she tried every therapy money could buy but the only thing that truly made a difference? Breathwork.

Astounded by the results, Melike quit her job and trained as a certified breath coach and mindfulness teacher, receiving accreditation from world-renowned trainers, medical doctors and institutions in a large variety of breathwork and mindfulness practices. Further backed by her medical training (she started her working life as a nurse) and her first-hand experience of the corporate world in senior management and leadership roles, Melike is not only uniquely placed to recognise and empathise with those suffering from stress and other emotional imbalances, she also has at her disposal the comprehensive toolkit required to manage and resolve their unique experiences.


Breathwork is experiencing a huge surge in online interest but techniques with the power to change your life for good can’t be found at the end of a Google search. Melike has developed an unique, new holistic modality – Transformational Conscious Breathwork ® – which combines conscious breathing, practical mindfulness applications and a medical background, all embedded in science, to deliver rapid specific benefits including increased resilience to cope with, and flourish through, change, improved sleep, increased productivity and creativity, boosted confidence, grounded emotions or a calmer mind.

BUILDING FOUNDATIONS. As well as having an immediate effect, conscious breathing can also help cultivate new healthy habits as a long-term stress solution. That’s why Melike starts by building strong foundations. She examines each client's unique breathing pattern and muscular activity to train the body to breathe correctly right from the start.

BESPOKE EXPERIENCE. After a holistic health consultation, Melike works closely with clients to recommend a custom approach that encompasses a wide range of techniques from the full spectrum of breathwork and mindfulness modalities best suited to their needs and goals.

BREATH MEETS MIND. Breathing is only one part of the equation. Melike teams it with practical applications of Mindfulness, suitable for real-world work and life. This scientifically proven method will help clients train their brain to better control emotions, moods and responses, control and direct focus and provide powerful protection against burnout.

BOOST RESILIENCE. As well as fast-action tools for immediately stressful situations, Melike’s approach focuses on long-term resilience to improving each client’s ability to move through adversity, recover from setbacks faster and flourish through change – a particularly pertinent skill for our current world full of uncertainties.

BUILD INDEPENDENCE. Rather than fostering reliance on the practitioner, Melike’s truly empowering approach ensures each client is personally able to unlock the power of their own breath and mind whenever and wherever they need it.

Melike offers a range of 1:1 and group sessions and courses, available online and in-person, bookable at

As we transition out of this particularly tough year, Melike would love to share her story, approach and unique advice with you and your readers. For more information, review sessions and interview and quote opportunities, please contact:

Helena Baron

+44 (0) 7951202397


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