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Ekó Botanicals Skincare Launches In The UK

Updated: Sep 27, 2022

Blending the nourishing power of heritage African and British botanical skincare rituals with the latest in natural skin science to deliver bio-active, potent, clean and sustainable skincare for maturing and melanin rich skin #HonourYourHeritage

Ekó Botanicals is a clean, multitasking, sustainable skincare range for maturing and melanin rich skin, created by former city executive turned natural skincare expert Apinke Efiong.

Rooted in traditional African and British skincare practices and botanical wisdom, these powerful natural products have spent 2 years in research and development, combining ancient skincare rituals with modern, natural skincare science. Using nutrient-dense, premium quality plant oils and botanical extracts, rich in skin loving vitamins and omega fatty acids, such as papaya, tamanu, moringa and kalahari melon, they cleanse, nourish and revitalise maturing and melanin rich skin, delivering optimal radiance and condition.

The formulas are created using a wide spectrum of wild harvested oils and plant-actives, in optimal quantities and ratios, with natural preservatives for maximised purity and efficacy. All ingredients are sustainably sourced and organic where possible, from African and British farms.

All three products in the collection, Amina Ritual Cleansing Oil, Nefertiti Radiance Botanical Serum and Makeda Radiance Botanical Oil, are designed to work synergistically to multitask on a wide range of skin concerns and to prevent signs of premature ageing; fine lines and wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, dehydration, enlarged pores and acne. Each product is named after a great African warrior Queen whose ancient beauty practices have been admired and passed down through the ages, inspiring a new modern skincare ritual that is deeply nourishing, mind calming and respectful to the planet.

For most of her adult life, Apinke struggled to find natural skincare that suited her maturing and darker skin tone, nothing ever satisfactorily delivered the level of purity, nourishment, smoothing and rejuvenation that she was looking for. Inspired by her great grandfather who was a botanist at the Royal Botanic Gardens in Kew, she decided to look to plants and traditional skin healing ingredients for solutions. Having worked in the city for over a decade she decided to pursue her love for plants and flowers by setting up her own floristry business in Lagos and completing a Diploma in Organic and Natural Skincare Formulation. Armed with her knowledge and passion for all things botanical, she set about developing her own skincare formulas, working with high quality plant oils and extracts that contain the most dense potency of nutrients possible. She combined these with carefully selected plant-actives for optimal therapeutic efficacy to address the needs of maturing skin without using any chemical based substances.

All Ekó Botanicals ingredients are sourced directly from sustainable growers in Africa and the UK and only use fully recyclable and biodegradable materials. The bottles are made from recycled glass and plastic closures all of which are fully recyclable and the outer packaging is made from fully recyclable FSC certified card. Ekó Botanicals use violet glass bottles to preserve the potency of the ingredients and extend their efficacy, following the tradition of Ancient Egyptians who stored valuable essential oils and natural healing remedies in gold or violet vessels.

Hero Products include:

Ekó Botanicals Amina Ritual Cleansing Oil £42 100ml

Named after the 16th century Nigerian Queen of Zaria, Amina, this cleansing oil gently removes away dirt, make-up, sun cream and impurities without stripping skin or irritating eyes. Packed with nourishing plant seed oils rich in antioxidants, leaves skin feeling soft, clean, and revitalised. Naturally scented with lemongrass, rose geranium and petitgrain.

RITUAL: Press 3-4 pumps onto the palm of your hands. Gently rub palms together to activate the botanical ingredients and inhale. With both palms work onto the face and neck, starting from the chin upwards with gentle circular motions. Gently wipe off with a hot cloth or warm flannel. Use morning and night followed by a regular face mist and NEFERTITI, Radiance Botanical Serum.


  • Green Tea oil (Omega 3, 6, & 9) – moisturisation

  • Peach Kernel seed oil (vitamin E) - suppleness

  • Lemongrass oil (Limonene) – decongest and tone

  • Castor oil - antibacterial

Ekó Botanicals Nefertiti Radiance Botanical Serum £55 15ml, £95 30ml

Named after the ancient Egyptian Queen Nefertiti 1292 BC, mother of Tutankhamun, this potent serum is a nutrient rich blend of over 30+ powerful botanical extracts and plant oils, carefully selected to accelerate skin’s renewal process, increase hydration, minimise fine lines, manage hyperpigmentation, reduce enlarged pores, stimulate collagen production and deliver a healthy complexion that exudes luminosity. Beautifully scented with rose geranium, petitgrain and bergamot natural plant oils.

RITUAL: Apply to cleansed and toned skin. Press 1-2 pumps onto the palm of your hands. Gently rub palms together to activate the botanical ingredients. With both palms work onto the face and neck using the press and push method. Use morning and night and follow with MAKEDA, Radiance Botanical Oil.


  • Aloe Vera - hydration

  • Green Tea oil (antioxidant) – environmental skin defence

  • Red Algae, Blue Algae & Green Algae - anti-inflammatory and hydration

  • Hyaluronic acid (plant based) – hydration

  • Lactic acid (maize active) - exfoliation and skin renewal

  • White Willow Bark (salicylic acid) - cell renewal and anti-microbial

  • Niacinamide (vitamin B) - reduces pore size, smooths hyper pigmentation

  • Liquorice - evens skin tone and anti-inflammatory

  • Blueberry and Blackberry (vitamin C) - antioxidant, combat wrinkles and blemishes

  • Hibiscus – elasticity and collagen production

  • Borage Oil (gamma linoleic acid) - suppleness

Ekó Botanicals Makeda Radiance Botanical Oil £45 15ml, £75 30ml

Named after the ancient Queen of Sheba 960BC, Makeda, mother of Menelik, the first imperial ruler of Ethiopia, this face oil is a multitasking formula for all skin types made with 22+ potent plant oils carefully selected to provide deep hydration, plumpness and radiance. Nutrients from papaya, tamanu, moringa, kalahari melon, neroli, borage, green tea and seaweed boost skin texture and collagen formation to reveal youthful glowing skin. Scented naturally with neroli and rose geranium, leaving skin radiant, soft, plump and glowing.

RITUAL: Press 1-2 drops onto the palm of your hands. Gently rub palms together to activate the botanical ingredients. With both palms work onto the face and neck using the press and push method. Use morning and night after NEFERTITI, Radiance Botanical Serum. Follow with your sunscreen.


  • Moringa seed oils (Omega 9) – moisturising and anti-bacterial

  • Borage seed oil - deep moisturisation

  • Red Seaweed - nourishing

  • Sea Lavender (polyphenols) – antioxidant

  • Papaya seed oil (Papain enzyme) – exfoliating, fade pigment scars

  • Tamanu seed oil - ultra-hydrating and reduces hyperpigmentation

  • Baobab (Omega 6 and Omega 9) - cell rejuvenation

  • Kalahari Melon Seed Oil (Omega 6 and Omega 9) - hydration

  • Orange and Lemon (Alpha Hydroxy Acids) – smoothing and brightening

All Ekó products can be bought online at

For more information or samples, please contact:

Zoja Minic



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