A relatively new agency on the block, Whitehair Co is an independent

London based boutique PR & communications company, 

working across the fashion, luxury, lifestyle & beauty sectors.  


Instinctive and forward-thinking, delivering results, 

rather than just proposals,

we pack a punch that rivals the big agencies,

without their hefty retainers.


Implementing efficient strategies that cut through the clutter,

and working to serve your brand's needs along with those

of the media, we offer a personal and enthusiastic service.


Working with brands and media that inspire us,

and being ambassadors to all the businesses we represent,

is one of the reasons we enjoy our work so much.


Standing out from the PR crowd and often going against the grain 

with our maverick ideas offering more than PR - 

we are your partner in building a brand...







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Felder Felder
Amy Sia Interiors
Press Office
Neri Karra
Kyla La Grange wears ALÖE
Lingerie clients include Kriss Soonik, Soft Paris & Alöe
Felder Felder in Marie Claire US & on the cover of Garage, as worn by Cara Delevingne
Yanny London, AV by Adriana Voloshchuk & Nevena Couture
Nevena Couture & Yuvna Kim