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PR & Influencer Relations Case Study

the brief



WHITEHAIR.CO has been working with Morphée since August 2020. The team was initially retained to introduce the brand to the UK media and therefore consumer, pre its launch in October 2020. 


WHITEHAIR.CO was tasked with positioning Morphée as an innovative wellness product, which strives to help consumers improve their sleep without the use of digital devices. To launch the product in the UK market, the team honed in on the brand’s novelty, its strong scientific backing, its blue light-free, non-digital properties and its portable nature.



In order to respond to the brief provided by the Morphée team (and moreover, replicate the great success Morphée had already has in France), WHITEHAIR.CO leveraged the following PR tactics:


  1. Product Placement via themed press release distribution to all key fashion & lifestyle media, focusing on key wellness trends such as Christmas, Lockdown Wellness, New Year’s Wellness, World Sleep Day & Stress Awareness Month.

  2. Gifting target press lists with the Morphée in order to secure dedicated feature placement in the form of in-depth reviews.

  3. A (virtual) press webinar all about sophrology, a therapy that heavily inspired Morphée’s sessions, ahead of World Sleep Day.


As a result of the above tactics, WHITEHAIR.CO secured over 50 pieces of coverage (print and online) in titles such as You Magazine, The Guardian, The Independent, Stylist, The Observer, The Daily Telegraph, Metro, Hello! and more:


  • Online MUV: 301M +

  • Average DA: 67

  • Print circulation: 24.6M+

  • 600+ sales in 24 hours (company global record) following a dedicated column in You Magazine.

  • UK stock sold out over the Christmas period.

influencer seeding

Influencer Seeding

In order to engage relevant women's lifestyle and wellness influencers to create organic social content featuring the Morphée, WHITEHAIR.CO has leveraged the following tactics:


  • Influencer seeding.

  • A (virtual) influencer webinar all about sophrology, a therapy that heavily inspired Morphee’s sessions, ahead of World Sleep Day.


As a result of this influencer seeding campaign and the World Sleep Day event, WHITEHAIR.CO secured organic content with the likes of @wearetwinset, @wheresmollie and @dcopperman:


  • Total reach: 1.26M+.

  • Pieces of coverage: 57+

  • Likes: 1k+

  • Comments: 345+

  • +400 followers to the account following the World Sleep Day influencer event.

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