360° Communications Case Study


the initial conversation

Colt and Willow is a range of conscious household cleaning products that look good, smell good & do good. Well ahead of its launch, it was recommended that the brand founders contact WHITEHAIR.CO to discuss PR services. 


Colt & Willow shared its Brand Book with WHITEHAIR.CO in order for the agency to create an effective communications strategy. However, there were some important pieces of the puzzle missing, namely - the target consumer, key messages and brand vernacular.


A holistic campaign

After the preliminary brand work was completed, a comprehensive communications strategy document was created. However, by the time the product range was ready to launch - the UK was in a pandemic - which meant we had to be agile and revise some of the tactics, while making the most of some of the new opportunities created.


WHITEHAIR.CO recommended an efficient and unified campaign that included the following services:


  • facebook ads + retargeting campaign

  • social media management 

  • content creation for Colt & Willow’s social media and web use

  • regular topical blog posts (such as THIS one) 

  • PR 

  • influencer relations

Pre-launch Brand Book


Colt & Willow already had a solid Brand Book in place - yet there were some important pieces of the puzzle missing, that WHITEHAIR.CO needed in order to create an effective communications strategy. Namely - the target consumer, key messages and brand vernacular. So, WHITEHAIR.CO suggested some pre-work for the brand – to establish exactly who the brand wants to talk to and what language will be used.


The work defined exactly who the consumer was based on a set of shared ‘conscious’ values, as opposed to simple profiling. This kept the consumer base broad – allowing for growth – yet focused; ensuring all communication landed on target. With a clear and well-presented consumer now in place, WHITEHAIR.CO then turned to the tone and voice piece of work. To create the perfect balance of being informed and educational, with the lively spirit of ‘banter.’ Credible without coming across as being too “woke”. And in the words of the founders, WHITEHAIR.CO “nailed it.”

The ResultS

  • 1073% uplift of sales in 3.5 weeks

  • 186% organic increase in Instagram followers over 6 weeks

  • after the facebook ad campaign, The Mini Collection sold out

  • after the rhubarb washing-up liquid was featured in You magazine (see feature HERE) - the product sold out, and Colt & Willow hit their highest sales day yet

  • a significant spike in sales after the products were featured on youtube by vloggers Victoria, In The Frow & Josie, Fashion Mumblr

  • influencer seeding that resulted in some stunning UGC of the rhubarb washing up liquid, taking pride of place in some of the post popular kitchens of Instagram. a few of which you can see HERE, which have a combined reach of 916K followers, 28.2K likes and 484 comments

All the photography you can see on this page was created by WHITEHAIR.CO for Colt & Willow.


"Emma and her team are fantastic - incredibly passionate and go far beyond a traditional PR agency to help you define and shape your brand, build a business and communications strategy and put the pieces in place to execute, can't recommend them highly enough."


Tony McWilliam, Founder

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