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PR & Influencer Relations Case Study

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the brief

WHITEHAIR.CO has been working with SOREL since 2015. Initially retained to implement influencer engagement strategies in the UK, with global activations on a project basis, WHITHAIR.CO was then also appointed to handle PR campaigns from AW20 season onwards.


One challenge WHITEHAIR.CO needed to overcome is that SOREL is considered a snow boot brand. And there was little awareness of the autumn or summer collections. So WHITEHAIR.CO’s main remit was to predominantly promote SOREL's women's collection of functional fashion footwear offering, outside of snow.

influencer trips & Celebrity dressing

Influencer Trips & Celebrity Dressing

In previous years, WHITEHAIR.CO has also hosted influencer trips, such as the Tel Aviv event for S19 which resulted in 8 European influencers creating content with a total reach of 5,080,100+:


  • IG posts: 27

  • IG stories: 30+

  • Likes: 61,918+

  • Comments: 2,942+

WHITEHAIR.CO has also secured product placement with the likes of Sienna Miller, Poppy Delevigne and Suki Waterhouse at Glastonbury, the star of the festival fashion show, in both 2017 and 2019. With the value of the global press coverage secured with the images, reaching millions, WHITEHAIR.CO also secured product placement with Ellie Goulding for the AW20 season. Spotted wearing the Kinetic Sneakers, this led to coverage with celebrity and fashion titles such as Daily Mail.

Influencer Seeding
INfluencer Seeding

In order to engage relevant women's style influencers to create 'on the move' content for AW20, WHITEHAIR.CO has leveraged the following tactics:


  • Celebrity seeding

  • Influencer seeding

  • Sponsored content in collaboration with SOREL stockists (Net-A-Porter, John Lewis, ASOS)


As a result of the AW20 influencer seeding campaign (including 4 sponsored posts), 24 influencers created content with a total reach of 3.7M+


  • Pieces of coverage: 70+ 

  • YouTube views: 107K+ 

  • IG posts: 36+

  • IG stories: 60+

  • Likes: 176,858+

  • Comments: 4,165+

Pr campaign

In order to secure coverage throughout the AW20 season, and establish SOREL as a brand with functional fashion offering outside of snow, WHITEHAIR.CO leveraged the following PR tactics:


  1. Product Placement via themed press release distribution to all key fashion & lifestyle media, honing in on key footwear trends of the season.

  2. Dedicated feature placement of certain styles on the back of celebrity-sightings (such as Ellie Goulding and Katie Holmes), including distribution of “Get The Look” e-shots to key celebrity and fashion media.

  3. Gifting target press lists with key AW20 styles that highlight SOREL’s street style credentials outside of its snow boots.


As a result of the above tactics, WHITEHAIR.CO secured over 70 pieces of coverage (print and digital) in titles such as Hello! Fashion Monthly, Elle UK,,, Daily Mail, The Guardian and more:


  • Online readership: 890 million

  • Online views: 2.56 million

  • Social shares: 1.24k

  • Average DA: 75

  • Print circulation: 3.48 million

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