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TENCEL™ x Mother of Pearl

To coincide with and celebrate 30 years of TENCEL™, in summer 2022 WHITEHAIR.CO created a collaboration with TENCEL™ and brand ambassador Amy Powney, to create the Mother of Pearl x TENCEL™ ‘Naturally Beautiful Edit’. A collection featuring Mother of Pearl products, incorporating TENCEL™ fibres.  


As part of the 30 years of TENCEL™ celebrations, the team worked to create a limited edition print series, shot by British photographer, vegetarian and sustainable living ambassador Mary McCartney, who was invited by Amy to capture the collection, in turn, creating limited edition prints that were sold on the Mother of Pearl website, with all proceeds for each print sold going to Mary’s chosen charity MIND and their equine project ‘Real Horsepower’.


-Support communications around the narrative of 30 years of TENCEL™'s sustainable innovations as part of the wider TENCEL™ 30th Anniversary activities.

Collaboration with TENCEL™ ambassador Amy Powney under her new ambassadorial role as a key brand partner.

Share education around the brand supported by her like-minded photographer friend Mary McCartney who shares the same values and ethos around sustainability and nature. 

Create engaging content around brand anniversary narrative and unique limited edition assets.

Celebrate the TENCEL™ 30 year brand heritage and innovation. Raising TENCEL™ brand awareness and growing its community.

Support the charity MIND and their equine project ‘Real Horsepower’.



-Evergreen 'artwork' content used as campaign assets/limited edition artwork to celebrate and communicate the 30 years of TENCEL™'s sustainable innovation. Used to support the 30th anniversary narrative to the consumer directly as part of a brand partner collaboration showcase to highlight via comms/marketing the brand's 30 years anniversary as part of a key brand ambassador partnership.


TENCEL™ products created to be sold for charity, whilst communicating to the consumer directly through this creative representation of the 30 year heritage milestone. 

Content and assets used to support media pitching and build on the 30 years of TENCEL™'s  innovation to encourage brand stories, supported by Amy Powney as the creative spokesperson for the project as both creative director of Mother of Pearl and as a TENCEL™ brand ambassador.

Some key coverage achieved highlighting the collaboration includes, The Sunday Times STYLE and The Guardian. 



To mark the 30th anniversary of TENCEL™️, in June 2022, WHITEHAIR.CO organised a celebratory intimate event, co-hosted by TENCEL™ ambassadors Jasmine Hemsley and Rosanna Falconer. With the aim to further engage and educate the consumer market about the  TENCEL™ brand.


WHITEHAIR.CO’s focus was to celebrate the TENCEL™ benefits, how it is made and why it is the better, more sustainable choice, whilst further raising awareness across the ambassador’s network about the brand heritage, educating on how the brand can positively make a difference within the fashion industry, whilst showcasing key brand partners that work with TENCEL™ within the UK market.  

Through the brand ambassador network, engage and educate the consumer, whilst widening the social coverage and reach and encouraging social media engagement both at the event through ambassadors and their guests, as well as further social media support as a roundup of celebratory stories covering the event. 



Held within The Goring Hotel’s terrace overlooking the impressive private gardens and garden room, as a reference to the brand’s connections to nature, the event began with a sound bath experience hosted by Jasmine, followed by an intimate brunch with a ‘tablescape' designed by Rosanna.  To reflect Jasmine's wellbeing philosophy and ayurvedic practices, a bespoke brunch menu was curated by Jasmine, working with The Goring Executive Chef. 

Hand embroidered napkins using TENCEL™️ fibres were specially commissioned to reference the tablescape design, embroidered with Rosanna’s invite design and personalised with each guest's initials and gifted as a thank you post event.

Both Jasmine and Rosanna welcomed guests with speeches ahead of brunch, representing TENCEL™ brand partners.  TENCEL™ team representatives attended to officially welcome guests alongside both ambassadors as an opportunity to engage and strengthen further relationships with the UK market. 

The team carefully considered the TENCEL™ 30th Anniversary brand messaging to be subtly woven throughout the event, with every detail referencing the brand, creating a photo moment to support social posts, as a showcase of the brand and provide subtle talking points across the event.

TENCEL™ fibres and wood chips were displayed within statement glass vases to showcase the process; wood chip, to pulp to fibre to fashion, alongside a select edit of key brand partners, displayed on wooden mannequins and tree trunks, allowing guests to feel product up close and as a showcase of the wide variety of product categories TENCEL™ can be used for.

Each guest received a specially commissioned TENCEL™️ pillow stuffed with fibres and a matching lavender infused TENCEL™️ eye mask, alongside a TENCEL™ branded natural rubber yoga mat and TENCEL™ blanket to enhance the sound bath experience, gifted to each attendee and taken home in TENCEL™ tote bags.



An intimate gathering of 18 guests attended, a combination of TENCEL™️, Jasmine & Rosanna’s network of key influencers and industry figures; mainly from the realm of sustainability as well as those with a wider awareness and vested interest in sustainable fashion, alongside WHITEHAIR.CO inviting key media supporters of the brand.


Social media support across the event from both ambassadors on the day as well as post event coverage was amplified, including a mix of celebratory IG stories and posts from al attendees.

4 IG Posts
2 IG Reels
28 IG Stories




“WHITEHAIR.CO - and specifically the TENCEL account director Liz Roscoe - were integral to the success of the TENCEL 30 year anniversary event that I co-hosted with fellow ambassador Jasmine Hemsley. Liz is quick-thinking, intelligent, dynamic and one of the best-connected people in the industry. Everybody always sings her praises! I loved how she was always solutions-driven - no hurdle was ever too high. Most of all, her enthusiasm and passion are infectious!”

Rosanna Falconer, Sustainable Style Influencer

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