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Digital & Marketing Brand Communications Director

Zoja Minic

Digital & Marketing Brand Communications Director

Having joined WHITEHAIR.CO at the start of 2014, Zoja quickly flew up the ranks of the fast growing agency. Naturally assuming the role of agency co-leader, she soon became instrumental to the development of the business and team. Growing the agency over the last eight years from mostly fashion, into lifestyle, including beauty and wellness. From primarily public relations, into mostly marketing.

Zoja now heads Digital & Marketing. Advising clients who have appointed the agency for its #MoreThanPR services - from brand creation to SEO/web-development and social media management. Zoja’s unique skills lie in taking a 360 degree view to help brands succeed, and she has an innate ability to identify and recommend the services required to make a difference. Assembling a dream team to meet each client’s requirements, while tightly managing budgets along the way.

The ultimate project management service, Zoja is our (not so) secret weapon for brand elevation services.

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