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Colt & Willow: sustainable, uplifting and conscious home cleaning

Colt & Willow is a range of sustainable, natural and toxin-free home cleaning products, offering a unique range that not only works well but smells and looks beautiful.

After years of researching household cleaning products, founders of natural, plant-based cleaning product brand Colt & Willow were shocked to find most cleaning products do not list all ingredients on their labels, including chemical fragrance, harsh detergents, phosphates, parabens and SLS. So they decided to create a unique, credible and trustworthy eco-cleaning solution.

Colt & Willow’s plant-based cleaning products are effective in removing grime and grease from household surfaces. The natural cleansing agents disperse fat and dirt from kitchen, living room, bathroom and bedrooms reducing opportunities of cross-contamination, leaving your home happy, healthy and harmonious without resorting to harsh chemicals.

The beautifully designed Colt & Willow packaging is #TooGoodToHide - proudly made in Britain using sustainable materials, including long-lasting refillable glass bottles with recyclable PET litre refills available via subscription. While being members of 1% For The Planet, the brand donates to Cool Earth, a non-profit organisation that works alongside rainforest communities to halt deforestation and its impact on climate change.

Hero products:

  • Geranium Leaf All-Purpose Cleaner (£12.00)

  • Rosemary, Lemon & Juniper Berry Bathroom Cleaner (£12.00)

  • Rhubarb Washing Up Liquid (£12.00)

  • Wonder Scrub Bicarb Soda Cream Cleaner - available in 545g glass jar (£12.00)

  • Fig & Cassis Potty Spray - available in 230ml & handy 90ml – perfect for cleaning up on the go (£8.00)

Colt & Willow was founded by the McWilliams - a nature and travel loving young family who are based between the UK, Switzerland and Australia. After years of researching household cleaning products, they were shocked to see that it’s not mandatory to list dangerous chemicals on household cleaning products. The McWilliams then partnered with a small, family-run, UK based business to create an alternative. Drawing on a background in design and interiors, they wanted the products they created to be as stylish and elegant-looking as they are non-toxic and safe. Allowing customers to take their cleaning products out from under the sink cupboard and giving them pride of place, as they would a stylish eco hand wash.

Colt & Willow Co-founder Annie McWilliam says:

“Most people don’t realise that our homes are full of harmful toxins— and the products we use to clean with are damaging our health, our skin and our loved ones. Having children changed the way we viewed our home and the world we live in. It became important to make sure our house was safe for them to crawl, lick and touch! No matter where the art of cleaning sits on your priority list, we hope Colt & Willow makes it a whole lot more enjoyable – and dare we say pleasurable!”

For high res images or further information please get in touch:

Ellie Gash

+ 44 (0) 7981382458


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