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Updated: Jan 4, 2022

  • Female-founded and community-based, Mamma Wellbeing offers a carefully curated directory of practitioners to book for online one-to-one sessions or group events and retreats.

  • Mamma Wellbeing is on a mission to make the sometimes exclusive wellness industry inclusive, with online educational resources, accessible price points and step-by-step support via the consultation service.

  • Mamma Wellbeing practitioners are located all over the world, bringing an authentic nuance to practices which are often rooted in the local culture and traditions.

  • Rigorous in its practitioner selection process, Mamma Wellbeing is a trusted, safe space for anyone interested in taking the next step in their personal wellness journey.

The name “Mamma Wellbeing” is reflective of the deep-rooted, intuitive human connection to maternal energy. Creating and holding this holistic, restorative and unconditionally accepting space is at the core of Mamma Wellbeing.

At its most basic, the Mamma platform connects wellness practitioners from all four corners of the world with clients in need of support - there are already over 100 established curated practitioners available on the platform. Services range from yoga to life coaching, breathwork to hypnotherapy. From the traditional to the weird and wonderful - Mamma Wellbeing facilitates meaningful connections with practitioners. In fact, some practitioners offer free initial consultations to ensure that the right connection is there.

Mamma Wellbeing supports its users every step of the way, with an initial consultation if needed, and ongoing support provided via the platform’s educational resources. This also allows those new to certain practices to discover them in their own time and at their own pace. Alternatively, seasoned wellness enthusiasts can dive straight in with their chosen practitioner.

Price points start at just £8 for group sessions and £50 for 1-2-1s, and those who are unable to afford certain sessions may also be able to access funding or cost-free sessions on a case by case basis. To kickstart 2022, the platform is offering the initial discovery consultation free of charge (usually worth £60). New for 2022, the Mamma Wellbeing membership programme will also be launching, which will allow people to join daily sessions and be part of a supportive wellbeing community.

Our intention has always been to bring people what we had on our own healing journeys - support, trust and gentle guidance to explore different things” - Annabel James, Co-founder.


The Mamma collective has practitioners all around the world, many of whom have chosen to live in certain places and ways to ensure they can practice to the best of their capabilities. In supporting its practitioners to live in any way they need to be the best versions of themselves, Mamma Wellbeing allows clients to access the most authentic version of their practice, without having to travel halfway around the world.

With over 100 practitioners already onboarded, Mamma is set to grow its community of experts by up to 3000 by 2023. The quality of each practitioner, however, will continue to be rigorously tested. The global network of Mamma Wellbeing ambassadors (trusted colleagues and experts in the local wellness communities) personally recommend practitioners from their area to be added to the collective. Once recommended, the practitioner is then tested by another ambassador to remove any bias. And only once this process is complete, and all their qualifications thoroughly checked, do they join the collective.

This thorough process allows the platform to be an extremely safe and trusted environment, cutting through the sometimes unreliable information found on social media and the internet.


Carmella Sternberg, Co-founder

As the owner of an award-winning events business in London, Carmella came to wellness after her experience of burnout, which pushed her to embark on a transformative journey across the world. The key breakthrough moment came to Carmella after spending time with the Black Hmongs in Vietnam, who live a very simple, natural life, close to the earth. This experience helped Carmella shift her perspective and realise her own depression and lack of meaning in life. Having previously met Annabel in Thailand, Carmella reunited with her in Bali, where she practiced everything from yoga to breathwork, meditation to past life regression. This process left Carmella void of her chronic anxiety and depression, and even alleviated back pain she’d had since childhood. In their place, she found a bounty of deep peace and self-love. Compelled to share this with others, the idea of Mamma Wellbeing was born in 2019 as a wellbeing concierge.

Annabel James, Co-founder

Following the passing of her brother when she was 24 years old, Annabel's own romantic relationship broke down - a pivotal series of events that led her to retrain as a psychodynamic therapist. But despite finding a line of work she loved and found intuitive, she realised that her busy, relentlessly social London lifestyle left her unfulfilled and unbalanced. Deciding to take a break to travel around Sri Lanka and India, she was guided to a silent monastery where, within just 10 days, she underwent a hugely transformative moment. Her ensuing pilgrimage across various destinations led her to many like-minded people living a very different lifestyle to the one she knew in London, and finding the same, if not greater, joy in it. It was also along this journey she discovered holotropic breathwork practices - her first one bringing up a flood of release emotion, tears and anger, and revealing an inner peace that had long been missing. Compelled to share this gift with others, she trained as a breathwork practitioner in Bali, and started to share this with clients across the world both privately and at festivals and training courses. With an approach to wellness shaped by bridging both traditional and holistic practices, she joined Carmella and brought their vision for Mamma Wellbeing to life - a platform that creates the same safety, guidance and inspiration both she and Carmella received on their own journeys. Bringing her experience in both traditional and holistic therapies to the role, Annabel also oversees the curation of practitioners on the Mamma Wellbeing platform.

For more information, visit; for press enquiries, please contact:

Helena Baron

+ 44 (0) 7951202397



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