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New Collection by ethical & sustainable label Mayamiko, dedicated to empowering women in Malawi

Updated: Mar 24, 2021

  • Mayamiko is the ethical, sustainable and zero-waste fashion, homeware and lifestyle brand on a mission to champion a more responsible approach to shopping.

  • The latest collection, Kusintha launched online on ahead of International Women's Day 2021.

  • The brand was put on the map following the appearance of Meghan Markle wearing the Dalitso dress during the 2019 tour of Africa with Prince Harry.

  • The collections are ethically made in Malawi by talented female artisans at the Mayamiko solar powered workshop.

With an ethical mission the brand is committed to supporting the women who live locally to its sustainable Malawi workshops, as well as the broader community, through the Mayamiko Trust, The new collection is named Kusintha, meaning change or transformation in Chichewa (the main language of Malawi) and it references a new, post-pandemic world, brand’s new business pivots, and even stronger commitment to supporting women.

The collection was made using fabrics and materials sourced from local women traders in Malawi. With each purchase, Mayamiko customers are supporting the Mayamiko Trust scheme that helps girls who have been particularly affected by long school closures, making them more vulnerable to abuse and neglect. Operating on a "pre-order" system, Mayamiko also encourages a more conscious approach to fashion consumption, and avoids unnecessary deadstock from mass production.

The Kusintha collection introduces a range of new silhouettes, including the new Happiness puff-sleeved, ruffled-edge dress, the Matilda milkmaid top in linen, and continues to offer matching scrunchies. The collection also offers this season’s updates of the brand’s iconic Dalitso dress, back in a variety of new colourways.

View the Kusintha collection lookbook HERE.


Both ethically and environmentally sound, Mayamiko is also committed to the following initiatives:


  • Mayamiko creates opportunities for disadvantaged women, providing artisanal tailoring training and living wage employment.

  • Reinvesting into the local Malawi community, the Mayamiko Trust charity was set up to offer women a recognised qualification, along with continuous mentoring, guidance and access to a micro-finance scheme. By enabling them to start their own businesses or continue working for the brand, Mayamiko is able to lift women out of poverty and towards a better future.

  • Mayamiko creates ‘Positive Pads’ with ‘waste’ material - which are donated to girls in the Malawi community and refugee camps, to help fight period poverty.


  • Working to support local women traders by sourcing all fabrics and materials from them after disrupted supply chains, border closures, partner companies closing business and more.

  • Expanding Mayamiko’s support scheme to help girls who have been particularly affected by long school closures, making them more vulnerable to abuse and neglect. The scheme has also been expanded to help provide the elderly and orphans with face masks, which Mayamiko customers can support via the “buy one gift one” initiative.

  • Launching a new female entrepreneurship programme in Malawi to help women whose businesses were disrupted by the pandemic and climate change. Focusing on low-income women, who rely on substance businesses and lack the appropriate business and financial education, the Mayamiko Trust has successfully trained 50 women and 5 trainers in its pilot since November 2020, with hopes to scale the programme up in 2021.


  • The Mayamiko collections are created in a solar powered green energy workshop in Malawi.

  • All cutting room “waste”, including end-of-life silk satins, crepes and voiles, which would otherwise have been discarded, is upcycled. With items created ranging from scrunchies and headbands to ‘Positive Pads’.

  • All packaging is made from recyclable & compostable materials - including the postal bag, labels and tissue paper.

  • Every time an order is placed with Mayamiko, the customer has the option to plant a tree, with non-profit organisation One Tree Planted, doing the honours on their behalf.

  • To avoid dead-stock and to encourage a slower, more conscious consumer habit, Mayamiko operates on a pre-order system, with pieces made only in response to demand and only completed after a customer places an order.

For further information, images, and samples, please contact:

Sadie Mantovani or Zoja Minic

+44 (0) 7715 244 678


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