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Molecule, the luxury CBD & wellness boutique with CBD Pharmacists & Navigator Tech

  • Offering online consultations, Molecule offers a pioneering new algorithmic technology platform for CBD prescriptions: The Molecule Navigator. To help customers explore the often confusing world of CBD, in order to create bespoke kit and treatment plan to meet their specific needs.

  • Molecule is the only CBD specialist retailer to triple batch test all the products sold for CBD content and contaminants.

  • Retailing the finest organic, ethically sourced and cruelty free CBD products in the market, Molecule​ is the exclusive stockist for brands ​including Kiskanu and Farmacy Bliss​. While being the first London stockist for Lady A, and the exclusive distributor for Shea​ Brand in the UK - with its Electric Daisy range, known as a "natural Botox".

  • Located on Westbourne Grove, the beautiful space is designed by award-winning interior design firm Nous Design; featuring a yoga and meditation studio, along with an organic cafe.

  • Molecule is also offers a new range of adaptogen-infused drinks at the organic bar. Expertly mixed by the in-house trained baristas, the range of lattes and smoothies helps modulate the body’s stress responses, promote healthy immune function and stimulate energy.

Molecule ​opened its​ CBD wellness destination on Westbourne Grove at the beginning of 2020 - a calming and luxe wellness and retail space, with CBD consultations,  health bar and studio space. The latter offering yoga, meditation, sound healing and educational workshops - to form part of the brand’s complete ecosystem for wellness.

These wellness sessions, along with the 1-2-1 CBD advisory service, have been moved online during lockdown. With the expert team at Molecule ​dedicated to providing tailored education on the effective use of CBD and matching the right product to customers’ concerns. From anxiety and insomnia - which have skyrocketed recently for so many - to more serious health issues.

The Molecule Navigator (MN) is an algorithmic guide that allows its customers to experience the premium in store CBD Pharmacist service from the comfort of their own home. Using similar algorithms to Amazon’s AI customer recognition/ recommendation mechanism, Molecule has recreated the CBD shopping experience using some of the best digital technology on to help navigate customers through a personalised journey to the right CBD match for them. Almost like being with a Molecule Pharmacist in-store - just without the free coffee! And at the end of the journey, TMN creates a bespoke range of products for the user, based on their answers given, with discounts offered for full treatment plan/kit.


The founder of Molecule, Daniel Zemmour, was high-achieving yet felt burnt-out, so found himself drawn to CBD - with its claims to be a 'miracle cure' for stress related issues and more. With a healthy dose of skepticism he went on a mission to source the products that actually lived up to the hype - along the way discovering that there is little by way of regulation surrounding CBD in the UK, and some brands were mislabelling. However, after countless experiences of trial and error - Daniel sourced the best products on the market, and was converted for life. Seeing a gap in the market for somewhere people can go for independent CBD advice - he then devoted himself to becoming an advocate of the scientific learning and knowledge surrounding the benefits of CBD. And once he was satisfied he had the ultimate curation - Molecule was born.

A CBD brand where every different batch of CBD products sold is tested for the likes of ethanol, heavy metals, pesticides and other cannabinoids. And, as Molecule do not believe one test is enough to yield accurate results - each batch is tested three times, in three different independent labs. While the team also test all the products themselves - to provide extra assurance that they are of the highest quality.

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