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SeventyOne Percent launches oxytocin boosting post-summer skincare

Updated: Jul 20, 2023

Following the successful launch of the brand’s suncare range this summer, SeventyOne Percent adds two new products to its range. Designed to boost oxytocin, soothe post summer skin and protect it all year long, while featuring multi-protective, moisturising, anti-pollution, complexion-enhancing, feel-good and skin-boosting ingredients.

Feel Good Moisturising Melting Gel £16

Feel Good Moisturising Melting Gel - this 99% natural, all-purpose, lightweight gel-cream offers immediate freshness for dehydrated skin plus deep-acting, long-lasting hydration.

Using cooling and soothing Aloe Vera, Organic Buriti vegetable oil to prolong tans, anti ageing Apricot Kernel oil plus Red Algae extract for supreme hydration, this comforting, antioxidant gel will leave your skin supple, revitalised, and deeply moisturised.

Key ingredients:

Organic plant glycerin: moisturising, improves skin's suppleness and appearance. Non-comedogenic Aloe vera gel: soothing, cooling, moisturising and regenerating & revitalising. Organic Buriti vegetable oil: prolongs tans with high carotenoid content, anti oxidant, anti ageing. Apricot Kernel oil: anti-aging, skin softening, glow enhancing Red Algae extract: hydration booster - superior action to hyaluronic acid.

Hydranov complex (micro-algae extract + marine sugars + seawater) : moisturises and prevents water loss.

Feel Free SPF 30 £30

Feel Free SPF 30 DD Cream is a natural, multi-protective, moisturising, prebiotic and happiness-boosting SPF facial treatment.

For year round use, pollution, UV rays and blue light are blocked by a combo of complete and ultra-efficient active ingredients including Pheohydrane, a marine complex with 100% na

tural and biomimetic moisturising properties. This micro-algae extract, rich in NMF (natural moisturising factor), amino acids, marine sugars and a remineralising seawater concentrate, instantly moisturises the skin and prevents water loss. Also added is moisture retaining hero, Hyaluronic Acid and prebiotic α-glucan oligosaccharide, obtained from natural sugars. Finally, the happy hormone, oxytocin booster, Kannabia Sense has been included, meaning skin will be protected, hydrated and happy!

Key ingredients:

Pheohydrane: 100% natural and biomimetic moisturising properties

Hyaluronic acid: a single grade with a high molecular weight

Prebiotic: a-glucan oligosaccharide from natural sugars

360 Protection: sun, blue light and pollution protection


SeventyOne Percent is a carefully considered brand with sustainability at the centre of every decision made, whether that’s ingredient sourcing or packaging innovations, even the name reflects its nature kind values.

Seventy’ – because that’s the percentage of water not only on the planet but also in our bodies, and ‘one’ – because that’s how much of the brand’s annual revenue is donated to the charity initiative ‘1% for the planet

All of SeventyOne Percent’s packaging is eco-responsible. Tubes are made from PCR plastic (sourced from recycled milk bottles), 80% of any secondary packaging has been eliminated and they are using ThinWall and Slim Cap innovations to reduce the weight of the packaging as well as the sheer volume of material used – this means less waste and a lower carbon footprint. The brand is also producing mono-material packaging making it simple for consumers to recycle easily and effectively as the empties won’t be rejected by mainstream recycling streams.

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