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We're Hiring!

Working across the full client portfolio of lifestyle (functional/sustainable fashion, beauty and wellness) clients, applicants need to be digitally savvy, highly-organised, and have excellent communication skills, with visual flair. And while education is valued, common sense is essential.

We prefer to avoid cookie-cutter job descriptions (no one is good at everything), which is why we work as a team. For us, diversity is key - and the role can easily be adapted for the right candidate. 

This said, ideally, you will be...

  1. Pedantic in your attention to detail - spelling and grammar, presentation etc. 

  2. Organised, strategic, methodical and efficient, with good time management and the ability to prioritize. You will stay on top of a busy inbox, responding to press requests in a timely manner and ensuring nothing slips through the net.

  3. A digital geek.

  4. A dab hand with apps - such as Canva, LightRoom and Later.

  5. Flexible in your approach to working hours - while you may need to be away from your laptop during "office hours", or want to slope off early, you may also need to spend a little time sending a client coverage at the weekend.

  6. Plugged into socials, especially Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn...

  7. Someone with a sound knowledge of key UK media including print and online.

  8. Self-motivated, proactive and creative.

  9. Tenacious...a problem solver.

  10. A team player and happy to muck in to get the job done.

  11. Able to balance more traditional PR approaches with new media/digital.

  12. Dynamic, pacey & positive.


  1. Ensure all TBC and expected coverage is checked - then scanned/screenshot, filed and shared with clients (highlighting relevant DA/Circulation). Regular media monitoring to catch organic coverage for all clients on Socials and in Media. 

  2. An effective and speedy day to day contact for media enquiries such as review product, high-res image or credit requests. SLA should be within 12 hours.

  3. Tracking of all activity with status reports, following up on all outreach including callbacks for expected coverage.

  4. Writing/uploading/updating press releases to the website blog and sending out shout outs via WIX.

  5. The creation of targeted press lists for shout outs, cross referencing with target media lists on client reports.

  6. Keeping an eye on ResponseSource and pitching clients for relevant opportunities in a timely manner.

  7. Regular development of the databases using Diary Directory - including input and updates.

  8. Active role with the agency social media channels and website, scheduling posts via and ensuring coverage is amplified across all relevant channels. Owning the forward-planning for agency socials according to activity and calendar moments.

  9. Updates to agency website as and when required.

  10. Work with the social media retro-planner, adding ideas and implementing actions. 

  11. Keep regular contact with key press (e-shots and email) to suggest items/stories for their pages and to see what they are working on. 

  12. Keeping an eye on target media and identifying opportunities for pitches/add-ins.

  13. Proactive creation of and outreach to target media lists on relevant accounts (to be specified in advance)


We are a fully remote team and are proud of our collective work culture.​ We’re super straightforward, positive and like to have fun at work. So are looking for the same in our next team member. We have a relaxed approach to work, this said…

We don’t work like most traditional PR agencies. The fast-paced new digital world is not 9-5, and nor are we. While being strategically proactive in office hours, it’s sometimes the reactive opportunities that yield the best results. So we like to have rapid response and quick turnaround time, to ensure no opportunity is missed. We also love sending clients weekend newspaper coverage on the morning it comes out.

With this in mind, this role is best suited to someone who - like the existing team - is flexible in their approach to working hours. This means being responsive to press, clients and the rest of the team (within reason) outside of "office hours" and attending events that occur during the evenings and weekends.

To apply, please send your CV and covering letter to - highlighting RELEVANT experience only.


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