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Founder, Owner & M.D.

Emma Whitehair

Founder, Owner & M.D.

Emma has worked in PR and communications for over 25 years' (doesn't look old enough, right?!). With experience working at agencies including Finch & Partners, where she was involved in events for Chanel and the Gorbachev Foundation, and celebrity relations for Louis Vuitton. 

Her last staff position being her role heading-up the PR department at SELFRIDGES, Emma went on to found the namesake PR company - WHITEHAIR.CO - in 2012. Initially starting the business based on the strength of her PR expertise - Emma had the foresight to know that PR was starting to feel 'traditional' in the digital era. So she launched the business with the tagline 'More Than PR' and a mission to support clients with a 360° approach to brand communications. Since then the agency has evolved, with Emma having recruited a highly experienced team to allow the agency to offer everything from branding consultancy to SEO and social media strategy. 

The portfolio of clients now spans sectors including functional fashion, health and wellbeing, beauty and sustainability. Alongside her role as MD of WHITEHAIR.CO - in keeping with the 'more than PR' tagline - Emma's hobby job is travel writing, and she reviews for titles including The Telegraph and Citizen Femme. Some of her published work can be seen HERE. 

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