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Sales & distribution consultant



Sales & distribution consultant

Nathalie is an experienced brand focus director, both in the UK and internationally with over 15 years professional history in brand management, consumer experience and marketing strategy development. Utilising her experience in identifying emerging market trends, Nathalie uses her consumer behaviour knowledge to open new targeted distribution and ensure it is supported by a strong omni-channel strategy that connects with the wholesale business and the targeted end-consumer. A passionate and committed Sales and Distribution Consultant, Nathalie is devoted to using her skills and knowledge to help build bespoke and tailored plans for brands to thrive. Her detailed approach to understanding the brand history and heritage of clients ensures the very best care and attention is given to deliver an authentic vision for the future that is based on real values. Nathalie mainly supports the WHITEHAIR.CO portfolio with establishing successful brand partnerships for retail pop-ups and wholesale distribution within the UK.

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