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Kin - the high-tech, ethical & sustainable, London-based yoga mat brand.

Updated: Dec 28, 2021

Redefine your yoga practice with a unique tri-layer mat and be inspired by moonscapes, stars & savasana dreams.

  • KIN is one of the only yoga mat brands with 100% plastic free packaging, PVC free and made with sustainably and ethically sourced natural rubber.

  • With a commitment to being Kin-d, the brand regularly contributes profits to mental health and animal charities.

  • With a high grip and soft touch surface, the classic mats are grippy even when slippy, with a tri-layer and inbuilt air pocket for deep cushioning. 

  • Created for yogis by a yogi, the mats are not only built for performance, but also feature unique and stylish designs and are tactile to touch, creating a beautiful sensory experience for any mat-based workout.

The first limb of yoga is non-violence, and as such Kin is a brand that prioritises people and planet over profits:

Kin-d to the planet - with no PVC, latex or artificial rubber. 

Kin-d to people - ethical factories & supply chain.

Kin-d to the animals that inspire the designs - there’s a donation of 5% of profits to animal charities each month. With special mental health charity initiatives throughout the year.


The Classic is ultra secure, shock absorbing, and dense - making it versatile enough for use in dynamic fitness too (HIIT, weights, Pilates etc). A 4mm thick mat feels like 6mm due to a unique fibrous layer of micro air pockets, that gives a new level of comfort without adding extra weight.

The sturdy, solid, natural rubber base tread grips the floor like a tyre, while the top has a smooth skin-like surface, with a closed cell nature meaning there’s no friction to slow your flow; and it  won’t even scratch your toenail polish. The deceptively good grip doesn’t need ‘wearing in’, and is made to last.

There are two stylish and minimal designs in the range - the EXPLORER in metallic grey with palm-leaf inspired pattern, and PRIMAL in charcoal black with an animal print-inspired pattern. Both have  discrete alignment markers as part of the design, for those who wish to use these as a guide. 

The Skinny is designed for on- the-go yogis. It’s a sumptuously stroke-able and absorbent microfibre mat that won't slip or slide like a towel. The more you sweat the better it grips, so it’s ideal for hot yoga, travelling and topping studio yoga mats (for a more hygienic practice). 

Available in four bold yet refined designs including tropical leaves, fierce cheetahs and starry moonscapes  - each helping to conjure up a yogi alter ego, and creating a space to get calm and recentre, the moment the mat is rolled out.

Read more about the technology of these mats HERE.

About The Founder:

Kin was created by Laura Pearce, as she felt there were no yoga mats on the market whose functionality met her needs as a yoga instructor:

“The final Kin concept came to me one day when I forgot my Yoga mat at home and had to teach a class using my oversized cashmere scarf as a sort of Yoga ‘rug’ and had the most enjoyable child’s pose ever! That was when I realised I wanted my mat to feel great. I wanted it to mimic that delicious sensation you get with textiles like cashmere against the skin, as well as having great functionality. My Kin mat is now my own beautiful little sanctuary of comfort and positive vibes, and it makes a huge difference to my practice!" 

Laura then went on to create a mat she believes to me truly special -  tailored for function, movement style, and comfort. 

For further information, images or request for products to review,

please contact:

Zoja Minic

+ 44 (0) 7715244678


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