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Rawr, the sassy salon set to shake-up the UK beauty scene.

Updated: Jun 24, 2020

Rawr, the sassy, unapologetic, inclusive salon, recognise the distinct move away from homogenised trends towards personal expression – and are set to be the go-to salon to facilitate your expression of self…

With over 1 million brow shapes, 50 thousand eyelash extension sessions, and 70 thousand manicures under its belt, Lashious Beauty knows a thing or two about beautification. Now, under its rebrand to Rawr, the beauty salon is pairing its expertise with a more directional philosophy – championing bold beauty that is as individual as you are.

Rawr doesn’t believe in a conveyor belt approach, and are redefining the high street salon experience, by encouraging clients to dwell in the most Instagrammable of settings. With the brand spanking new central London flagship setting the tone for the rebrand of the existing 22 nationwide locations - 10 of which can be found at Primark stores across the country.

With luscious air purifying greenery, sprawling around the salon to filter the air and removing toxins Rawr have created spaces you’ll want to stay and relax in, meet friends for drinks, or even have meetings at the co-working hub. The perfect spot to recharge devices, and your own batteries too.

And what of the treatments? Rawr offer a cherry-picked edit of the best brands, techniques, and therapists, ensuring clients can expect the highest quality treatments with an affordable price tag. OPI has been chosen as the official nail brand due to its vast range of shades, allowing for personal expression in over 150 ways. While there’s everything from lamination, tinting, waxing and threading treatments available to style brows. There’s face and body waxing, body massages, and everything from lash lifting and tinting, to strip lashes, cluster lashes and individual lash extensions on offer to enhance peepers. Not only that, blow-dries and hair styling will be available too.

Wave goodbye to cookie cutter beauty for good…

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