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Blade Hairclubbing®: Hair Styling Over Drinks - With Guests

Updated: Jun 7

Introducing Hairclubbing®, the long-overdue post-pandemic rethink of the traditional solitary hairdressing experience.

Long a well-kept secret between Soho’s creatives, Blade Hairclubbing® is taking the social hairdressing experience to the next level with the launch of The Hairclubbing® Station. With organic roots in Soho’s fun-loving LGBTQ+ community, the convivial concept encourages clients to socialise over drinks with their guests, all while Blade’s expert stylists work their magic. Rethinking the traditional salon set up, Blade has replaced the tired hairdressing chair format with their unique and innovative Hairclubbing® Station design that brings the sorely missed social element to the post-pandemic hairdressing experience.

A TRULY SOCIAL SALON (where every haircut is a party)

The Hairclubbing® concept is refreshingly simple. Clients book in for the exceptional hair service they’ve come to expect from Blade, but rather than turning up to the appointment alone, are encouraged to bring up to two guests. Each group gets their own Hairclubbing® Station, a minimalist design inspired by the founders’ Swedish roots, in which clients sit opposite their guests, who in turn sit at their own private bar. No neck-craning required, the Hairclubbing® Station has been specifically designed to allow for the same proximity, interaction and eye contact you’d get at your normal favourite drinking spot - as well as other practical perks such as charging phones and shielding your drinks from hair debris.

Not only can clients bring the party to every hairdo before heading out into Soho’s lively nightlife, the Hairclubbing® concept also allows Blade’s expert stylists to focus entirely on the job in hand - the hair. The Hairclubbing® Station allows clients to skip awkward salon small talk - and simply provides a superior way to pass the salon downtime (i.e. socialising over drinks), particularly when you consider colour appointments can take quite a few hours.

Hairclubbers are also invited to book merry-go-round Hairclubbing® appointments, where groups of up to three can take it in turns to switch in and out of the hairdresser’s chair while continuing to party with their guests. As The Hairclubbing® Station is a modular design, it makes it possible to accommodate multiple groups of three making for an ideal hen do or a post-pandemic team-building event.

A SOHO INSTITUTION (and a uniquely Soho way of doing hair)

Situated at the epicentre of Soho where Frith Street and Old Compton Street meet, Blade Hairclubbing® is well loved among the Soho scene. It has maintained the hair of the area’s famously eclectic mix of city professionals, musicians, artists and creatives to a high standard for almost a decade now.

A uniquely Soho way of doing hair, Hairclubbing® concept is the brainchild of creative duo and life-turned-business partners Julia and Stroo Despot-Olofsson. With over 19 years in the industry, Julia Despot-Olofsson is a member of Soho hairdressing royalty. Her client list spans from Soho icons to celebrities and top Anglican Church leaders. While Julia brings her magic hairdressing touch, musician-turned-entrepreneur Stroo Despot-Olofsson is the creative force behind the innovative Hairclubbing® concept and design.

Embodying the true spirit of Soho, the famously good-looking drinks service comes powered by the iconic Soho LGBTQ+ venue Ku Bar (which happens to be right next door), while self-proclaimed whisky geek and vegan foodie Stroo has curated an original Hairclubbing® drinks menu to choose from. To keep affairs of hair equally stylish and fashionable, Julia has joined forces with the luxury French couture hair brand Balmain to treat Hairclubbers to a premium hair care and styling experience.

All Balmain Hair Couture products are hypoallergenic, paraben and sulfate free, and include a signature fragrance. With two collections available, the Styling Line helps achieve any desired look, while the Care Line delivers soft, shiny, healthy looking hair, with key ingredients such as silk protein and argan oil working to lock in moisture, prevent damage and rejuvenate hair. The range compliments Blade’s team of expert senior hair stylists and delivers the high-quality, high-performance service the team is committed to providing.

Hairclubbing® is a registered trademark, the Hairclubbing® Station is a protected registered design number 6126917. Copyright © 2021 Stroo & Julia Despot-Olofsson.

All rights reserved.

The above images demonstrate the Hairclubbing®️ concept after all Covid-19 related restrictions are lifted, and were taken in accordance with government guidelines. Blade continues to observe current government restrictions and regulations for close contact services.

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