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Introducing Brulée Beauty Concealers

A collection of five boundary-defying concealers launches in the UK

celebrating the beauty of golden undertone complexions.

It’s time to let golden complexions shine….

Brulée Beauty is on a mission to evolve the beauty industry one concealer at a time, shifting beauty ideals by giving recognition to golden skin tones rather than just representation. Empowering individuals to define their own beauty standards and celebrate the multifaceted tones of golden complexions.

Brulée Beauty launches with a collection of five multi-tasking concealers developed for golden-yellow skin tones that don’t fit into the typical makeup industry ‘warm’ or ‘cool’ shades.

Created by professional global makeup artist, Fizah Pasha, this collection of boundary-defying, richly pigmented concealers has been created to address the unique colour correction and skincare needs of people with golden undertones, and create a flawless second-skin finish.

For years Fizah had to blend 2 different concealers to get the perfect shade and texture for her own skin and it prompted her to set about creating her own formula that was the perfect colour balance for her own golden complexion. Golden hued complexions are also often prone to undereye circles and hyperpigmentation so launching Brulée Beauty with a range of specialist concealers was the natural first step.

Brulée Concealers have been carefully formulated with base tones that help smooth out uneven pigmentation and enhance golden tones, effortlessly disguising dark marks and sallow skin, avoiding the customary grey or pink finish that so many regular concealers leave behind.

Brulée Concealers are vegan friendly, free from parabens, talc, D5, alcohol, EDTA, phenoxyethanol and fragrance. They contain a very high level of pigment, the first of their kind to contain 30% talc-free, pure pigment which is blended with Lysine amino acid to help create a rich, silky smooth, shine-free finish with a touch of gentle luminosity. Brulée Concealers use a blend of spherical matt and light reflecting powders combined with a natural elastomer to help fill in enlarged pores and fine lines for a blur effect. The concealers also feature a light emollient and hyaluronate which has a lower molecular weight than hyaluronic acid, small enough to penetrate the epidermis to improve hydration and a touch of vitamin E to help reduce inflammation.

Brulée’s creamy, long-wear, blendable texture makes it easy to build the right coverage required to achieve a flawless base for a picture-perfect, Insta-glam finish. Whatever you want camouflaged stays camouflaged all day (and night) long.

Founder of Brulée Beauty Fizah Pasha says:

“For too long golden undertones have been subdued because of the lack of colour options that cater to them. My approach to creating Brulée Beauty has been very precise – I have created colours and formulas, which specifically cater to this undertone and make people feel great when they put on their makeup. Through launching my own business I not only want to help shift beauty norms but I have constructed it in a way that enables me to give back and bring about positive change. Makeup is something that women often invest in and I felt strongly that my beauty brand should invest back into women, so we donate 5% of sales to charities that help educate women, in particular The Citizens Foundation, based in Pakistan”.

How to get Bruléed:

For under-eye circles

Prep the skin by wearing an under-eye cream before applying the concealer. Draw your concealer in an upside-down triangle shape under the eyes, then gently pat and blend using your middle finger or ring finger

For dark marks/spots

Paint a criss-cross pattern over acne scars or dark marks, then blend out the edges using a makeup blender or your fingertips.

Meet the shades:

Shade 1 – Light Skin with Golden Undertone

Most suitable for warm beige/olive skin tones

Shade 2 - Light to Medium Skin with Golden Undertone

Most suitable for bronzed/warm golden skin tones

Shade 3 - Medium Skin with Golden Undertone

Most suitable for soft tanned/warm golden skin tones

Shade 4 - Medium to Deep Skin with Golden Undertone

Most suitable for caramel – deep caramel golden skin tones

Shade 5 – Deep Skin with Golden Undertone

Most suitable for cinnamon - deep cinnamon golden skin tones

About the Founder

Trained at London’s Delamar Academy, Fizah Pasha is a visionary makeup artist with over a decade of experience in the international beauty industry. Driven by a passion for making women feel beautiful in their own skin Fizah’s signature makeup aesthetic, which celebrates an individualistic approach to beauty, has caught the eye of influential socialites and models who have become loyal clients over the years.

Working across London, Dubai, New York and Karachi, Fizah’s detail-driven eye swiftly honed in on the lack of makeup options catering to clients with golden-yellow undertones. These women, who came from a range of ethnic backgrounds, shared common skin concerns and collectively struggled to find complimentary, colour-enhancing shades for their unique complexions. Not quite the industry “warm” nor the stereotypical “cool”, it became evident that this multifaceted undertone was consistently miscategorized and underrepresented in the industry.

On a mission to find the gold standard within cosmetics, Fizah employed advanced colour theory, dermatology and cosmetology principles to develop Brulée Beauty – a dedicated makeup range that embraced the exceptional diversity of this sun-kissed undertone. From delicate olives and delicious bronzes to soft tans and decadent caramels, Brulée Beauty unites the golden girls of the world in a boundary-defying movement that pays homage to the complexities, depth and beauty of the golden undertone.

All Brulée products can be bought online at

Brulée Beauty Concealer £27

For more information, imagery or samples, please contact:

Alice Dogruyol



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