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TENCEL™ x Patrick McDowell reveal bespoke looks for Nicole Scherzinger at The Fashion Awards 2023

Updated: Dec 5, 2023

TENCEL™ and designer Patrick McDowell reveal their collaboration with custom made gowns for Nicole Scherzinger at The Fashion Awards 2023

Crafted using fabrics exclusively made from TENCEL™ branded lyocell fibers and TENCEL™ LUXE filament yarns

Partnership celebrates and supports emerging design talent whilst championing sustainable materials

Red Carpet Photo - HERE

Red Carpet Photo Credits: Getty Images & Joe Maher

Lenzing, London, December 4th – Lenzing’s flagship textile brand, TENCEL™ reveals collaboration with London based designer Patrick McDowell to create a unique custom-made gown crafted using materials exclusively made from TENCEL™ LUXE filament yarn and TENCEL™ Lyocell fibers for singer Nicole Scherzinger, showcased on the red carpet at The Fashion Awards 2023.

The American singer-songwriter and dancer Nicole Scherzinger wanted to feel feminine but strong, so together with stylist Emily Evans, Patrick McDowell worked to create a custom piece that was made to fit her perfectly and feel her best.

Reimagining the Princess dress that closed Patrick McDowell's 'Cinderella Shall Go to the Football' show for AW23, the brand has created a corseted moment with modern and strong finishes. Soft and luxurious satin made using TENCEL™ LUXE yarn flowed dramatically around Nicole’s form, edged in black tulle and finished with signature McDowell top stitching; playing with layers of transparency to reveal the body under a flowing chiffon cape that extends beyond the dress’s dramatic 3 metre long train.

A second look for the after-party is a dress reimagined from the 'Marie Antoinette Goes to Liverpool' collection of Patrick McDowell. Developing a dress crafted from TENCEL™ fibres and TENCEL™ LUXE filaments, printed with images of Patrick's childhood to create something new for Nicole Scherzinger, breathing new life into this piece with a modern edge, changing the cups of the bustier to solid black and maintaining the same rope cord straps from her red carpet moment, these two dresses are sisters, beautifully marrying femininity and strength.

On her look, Nicole explains:

"It was important for me to wear an emerging British designer for The Fashion Awards and work with Patrick on this design. My dress was made with the environment in mind, using TENCEL™ fibres, for a more responsible material choice. It’s so brilliant seeing so many amazing young designers at this years award. I’m currently in the West End playing Norma Desmond and it’s brilliant to see the arts and fashion industry go hand in hand; just like the bold reimagining of our show, Sunset Boulevard, I’m so happy to wear such a bold design from a strong emerging British designer, it’s brilliant we get to acknowledge and celebrate that."

Nicole Scherzinger embodies the house codes McDowell stands for, modern and strong, dressing to feel and look your best in a way that is kind to the planet. Working with long-standing partner, TENCEL™ that supports next generation fashion talent, reimagining the business of fashion whilst embracing sustainable innovations and finding responsible solutions.

The bespoke red-carpet look was designed and made in London using TENCEL™ LUXE, a silk-like continuous lyocell filament yarn created via eco-filament technology under TENCEL™, derived from wood grown in sustainably managed forests and produced in an environmentally sound closed-loop process, sourced from Esce-tex in London.

Nicole wore the bespoke red-carpet look to show support of and spotlight eco-couture as a creative collaboration, in partnership with Patrick that celebrates the next generation of designers embracing sustainable materials and environmentally conscious practices. Nicole and her stylist Emily collaborated with emerging design talent Patrick McDowell and TENCEL™ to achieve their creative vision, creating the custom-made look, exclusively for The Fashion Awards 2023 red carpet, using this as a platform to give sustainable materials a greater representation.

Bridging the divide between sustainability and high-end couture on the red carpet, the collaboration aims to raise awareness and drive positive conversations around sustainability, championing diverse representations of beauty and style.

On his approach to these designs, Patrick McDowell, Creative Director and Founder of Patrick McDowell said: "As a British designer, creating for The Fashion Awards is always a huge honor. Nicole is a symbol of strong femininity, currently taking the west end by storm, so it was a huge honor to dress her in this defining moment of her career. Crafted using TENCEL™ here in London as a continuation of the ongoing collaboration, the dress stays true to our mission of made to order and limited edition pieces made with the environment in mind and offer sustainable solutions on the red carpet. I was a recipient of a BFC scholarship at Central Saint Martins, which is funded by these awards, so it's a full circle moment for me."

Eva McGeorge, Head of Marketing & Communication Europe / Americas / Turkey for TENCEL™ explained;

“These two special unique custom made looks are part of the continued collaboration with Patrick McDowell and TENCEL™, supporting their journey to further develop collections using sustainable innovations, offering responsible solutions, whilst shining a spotlight on eco-couture on the red carpet. TENCEL™ works closely to offer support to the next generation of design talent, encouraging the adoption of innovative materials to support positive change within the fashion industry.”

Leonie von Lieres, Key Strategic Partnerships, Textile Marketing & Branding, TENCEL™ shared;

“It is an honor to collaborate with British design talent Patrick McDowell for The Fashion Awards 2023, highlighting TENCEL™'s commitment to sustainability and the encouragement and adoption of eco-friendly materials on the red carpet.

TENCEL™ works closely with the next generation of design talent through collaboration to offer support to like-minded creatives and designers, encouraging the adoption of sustainable innovations to incorporate and find responsible solutions, whilst inspiring and contributing to positive change across the fashion industry".

Derived from sustainable wood sources and produced using eco-responsible production processes, TENCEL™ Lyocell fibers and TENCEL™ LUXE filament yarns are of 100% botanic origin and are biodegradable and compostable. Fabrics made with TENCEL™ fibers are naturally smooth, soft and breathable.

TENCEL™ LUXE filament yarn can be woven into a lightweight and luxurious fabric with silky smoothness, liquid-like drape and color vibrancy. Both TENCEL™ fibers and TENCEL™ LUXE filament yarn are considered as the ideal sustainable alternative for designers and brands without compromising on luxury, quality or possibility.





Styling: @mrsemilyevans

Hair: @carlbembridgehair

Makeup: @chyapuka

For further information, images, samples or expert quotes please contact:

Liz Roscoe

+44 (0) 7702 807 048


TENCEL™ is the flagship brand under The Lenzing Group that covers textile specialty product fiber offerings. Fibers and filaments used under the TENCEL™ brand are derived from certified and controlled sources following the stringent guidelines of the Lenzing Wood and Pulp Policy. They are produced via responsible production processes and are compostable and biodegradable, thus can fully revert back to nature. They are recognized by the USDA (U.S. Department of Agriculture) BioPreferred® Program. TENCEL™ LUXE lyocell filament yarn is created via eco-filament technology under TENCEL™. The versatile continuous filament yarn is produced in an environmentally sound closed-loop process that recycles processed water and reuses the organic solvent at a recovery rate of more than 99%. TENCEL™ Luxe is registered by The Vegan Society. /

About Patrick McDowell: Patrick McDowell is rethinking the fashion business model, creating pieces made to order and limited edition, meaning that pieces are made to fit and suit the client perfectly in a limited quantity. Working with the world's finest materials and creating in London, each piece is considered and made to last; with circularity in mind, McDowell offers redesign and repair to clients along with supporting a myriad of community projects and believing in Holistic 360 sustainability to create a better industry for us all.


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