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Magic of I. 2022 Astrological Planners now available in the UK

Updated: Dec 28, 2021

  • Magic of I. (‘Incarnation'), is an Australian & North American brand offering Astrological Planners, journals and tools to help guide on personal journeys through life.

  • Already well-established in North America and Australia (with over 300 stockists worldwide, and over 100,000 copies sold), Magic of I. is now launching in the UK & Europe.

  • The UK & Europe launch will feature a dedicated European time zone specific Astrological Planner range.

  • Alongside the classic black and white designs, Magic of I. will be marking the UK launch with a limited edition coral planner. The theme of the 2022 planner is botanical, with intricate illustrations throughout the pages.

  • The planners are for advanced astrologers and amateurs alike - with 272 pages packed with astrological data and guidance, including 36 pages of introductory information and a detailed guide to navigating the journal to get the most out of it depending on the user’s goals.

  • Magic of I. is a partner of 1% For The Planet, and all of its products are made using vegan leather, FSC sustainable paper and compostable & recycled packaging. Each order is carbon-offset with the brand’s partner Pachama.

The Magic of I. 2022 Astrological Planner is a powerful tool for creating magic and living in alignment with the cosmos. Anyone with an interest in the moon and natural cycles can benefit from following the energies of each day and the elements that underpin our existence. Created to be as simple or in-depth as desired, the journal can also simply act as a beautifully-designed planner for a busy schedule or journaling support.

A great teaching tool, the planner will introduce beginners to astrology, helping them to start to tune into the feelings of the moon and planets. For instance, the journals allow the user to map out their menstrual cycles against the moon’s cycles so as to provide further insight and foster better alignment throughout the month.

For those keen to learn more about astrology before diving into the planner, there are 36 pages packed with useful information about navigating the planner and astrology as a broader subject. These pages will help the user gain further insight into the information provided throughout the calendar planning segment. This information features includes:

  • Monthly Astrological calendar and aspectarian

  • Weekly planner with all aspects + moon movements

  • Month at a Glance (sun, moon themes + important transits)

  • Moon Phases + Signs calendar

  • 2022 New Moon + Full Moon dates list

  • 2022 Exact Aspects overview

  • Monthly new + full moon intentions journal pages

  • Planetary Movements and Retrogrades visual guide

  • Retrograde + Direct dates list

  • Voin moons + eclipses

  • 2022 Planetary Ephemeris

  • Astro Herbalism

  • Optimum Times Life Guide™


An ever-curious creative, and a lover and student of the moon, stars and cycles, Kerry Kershaw has been an artist and designer for over 20 years.

Obsessed with the unseen energies that govern the world, Kerry entwines her gifts, passions, and wisdom into Magic of I., in a response to her personal transformation through periods of depression and the uncertainties of life.

Through Magic of I. Kerry has created navigational tools to align ourselves to the cosmic patterns and movement that underpin our existence. To inspire being present in life and reaching for one’s greatest potential, all whilst having a respectful relationship with the earth and reverence of the stars as guides.

Magic of I. and the 2019 Astrological Planner was first launched in North America through a popular and successful Indiegogo campaign, and continues to create and develop new products that inspire, educate and help navigate the soul on its journey, through beautiful practical art.

The Magic of I. A culmination of my soul’s whispers, spring boarding from the stars bringing messages and reminders that being alive is truly the greatest gift. Joyful celebration of life in its fullness while we are here in these bodies, here and now, with the stars guiding us all home’ - Kerry Kershaw, Founder

The Magic of I. Astrological Planner retails at £37 and is available for pre-order at uk.magicofi.com

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