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5,000-year-old Beauty Ritual Supercharged by Malavara, a New Ayurveda-based beauty brand.

Updated: Jul 28, 2020

Malavara is a new London-based hair and body brand that has supercharged the 5,000-year-old Ayurvedic ritual of hair oiling. Using active ingredients, a proprietary blend of seed oils, an easy-to-follow targeted massage technique and user-friendly packaging, Malavara brings this ancient ritual into the modern day.

Co-founders Alexandra Turner and Tejal Ramnathkar Engman believe the ritual of oiling hair pre-washing couldn’t be more relevant than it is today:

“We are heat-styling and exposing hair to harsh colour chemicals more frequently than ever before, and yet there are few natural, silicone and mineral-oil free treatments that have the ability to heal cuticle damage,” said Alix. “Furthermore, scalp health is being neglected, particularly amid a growing use of dry shampoos, and styling mousses – it’s almost as if people believe their skin stops at their hairlines, which of course, it doesn’t.”

When washed, heat and colour-exposed hair is porous enough to absorb too much water too quickly. This makes the hair strand swell on the inside, its fragile inner layer bloating with water. The cuticle layer on the outside, however, can’t expand. As a result, the cuticle scales that are meant to be lying flat, are forced to rise up – a position in which they appear frizzy and break easily.

Applying the right hair oil at least a half-hour before washing allows the oil to soak into the hair shaft and seal that fragile inner layer, making it less likely to get water-logged and therefore less likely to get damaged or break.

A scalp massage stimulates blood circulation, which brings nutrients to the scalp and nourishes the hair from its roots. According to Ayurveda, the scalp contains several ‘marma’ or vital energy points that boost circulation and drain toxins when massaged. Malavara’s website provides a scalp massage technique that targets specific marmas and maximizes the benefits of a head massage. Alix cautions, however, that it is important to apply only a very minimal amount of oil to the scalp in order to avoid clogging hair follicles. One needs just enough to render one’s fingers friction free as they massage the scalp.

Inspired by the science behind pre-shampoo hair oiling, the founder duo worked with organic chemists and Ayurvedic experts to create The Ultra Luxuriant Hair Elixir, a pre-shampoo hair oil treatment that makes hair thicker, silkier and stronger, while deeply nourishing the scalp.

The elixir is supercharged with Hairy Basil Root, a herb rich in phyto-nutrients and transformed in a Swiss lab to produce high levels of active compounds. It provides food for hair follicles and promotes hair growth while protecting and repairing collagen, thereby reinforcing the dermal structure of the scalp, strengthening hair and reducing hair loss.

The oil also delivers other potent Ayurvedic hair herbs including Amla, Brahmi, Bhringraj and Vetiver that work to stimulate microcirculation and nourish hair from the roots.

The herbs are added to a proprietary blend of Coconut, Sweet Almond, Moringa and Sesame oils selected for containing lipids with a molecular structure that’s small enough to penetrate the hair shaft and scalp. Unlike other hair oils, the Malavara Ultra Luxuriant Hair Elixir doesn’t form a greasy layer that takes excess shampoo to remove.

The dropper releases just the right amount of the elixir for a single application, although those with thick dry hair may need multiple applications. A rule of thumb to follow is that even though this is a shampoo-off treatment you need just enough to make your hair feel smoother, shinier and less tangled. The elixir soaks right in with a little going a long way.

Our Ultra Luxuriant Hair Elixir is made in England and is vegan, naturally-derived and sustainably-sourced. It doesn’t contain any fragrance, mineral oils, silicones, phthalates, parabens or artificial dyes.

Further information on the ingredients and the targeted massage technique can be found on The Ultra Luxuriant Hair Elixir page on the Malavara website.

For further information please contact:

Zoja Minic

+ 44 (0) 7715244678


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