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BioBlack TX by Nature Coatings: Wood Waste is the New Black

Transforming wood waste into good for people and the planet.

There is so much waste in the world. Let’s unlock its potential together.

Biochemicals company Nature Coatings is revolutionising the chemical industry by using waste materials to create bio-based, safe and renewable products that benefit both the planet and humanity. The company is driven by a simple yet powerful belief: we can create anything we want without harming the environment, sacrificing performance, or raising costs.

The first product BioBlack TX by Nature Coatings; a 100% bio-based, certified, high-performing and carbon negative black pigment made from wood waste, offers an industry solution and is adopted by global fashion brands as a cost-competitive, seamless and safer alternative to toxic and polluting petroleum-derived carbon black.

A solution that not only is good for the planet - being naturally free of fossil fuels and locking up more CO2 than it emits - but is also good for people - containing no detected PAHs and carcinogens, BioBlack TX can be used for screen and rotary printing, denim, leather/non leather coatings, packaging and pigment dyeing and more.

In addition, it’s cost-competitive, providing an effortless shift from petroleum-based carbon black for brands and other partners in the supply chain that want to accelerate their transition to more sustainable practices.

From global luxury corporations to independent sustainable brands, the fashion industry is making positive changes by replacing petroleum-based black pigments with BioBlack TX by Nature Coatings across their product offerings and collections.

Headquartered in Los Angeles, California and founded by Jane Palmer, a veteran in the pigment and dyes industry explains;

“Working in the pigment and dyes industry for over 15 years, I’ve seen the negative impact it has had on our environment and health. This inspired me to find a way to develop something better, something that is safe enough to be buried in my vegetable garden.”

“Our vision is to create a future where the chemical industry operates in harmony with nature, where renewable resources are the norm, and where every company takes responsibility for its impact.”

Jane Palmer, CEO and Founder, Nature Coatings

BioBlack TX is not just a black pigment - it's a story. With BioBlack TX, brands can elevate their sustainability narrative with an authentic, verifiable, and relatable impact narrative, while staying ahead of regulatory changes.

Nature Coatings long term growth strategy is to launch additional sustainable solutions and technologies that are always free of toxic chemicals and generated from waste across a wider mix of industry sectors including automotive and interiors, building out further products across the group portfolio.

Key investors that support Nature Coatings are Fashion for Good, Apex Black, HEARTLANDS A/S, Textile Innovation Fund and Los Angeles Cleantech Incubator (LACI) Impact Fund, with the introduction of further business development and partner announcements, including a new collaboration with a global iconic denim brand, alongside newly appointed investor stakeholders to follow across 2023.


About: BioBlack TX

Black is everywhere, the most classic, timeless achromatic colour, featured as a staple in nearly every modern wardrobe, recent analysis* of more than 183,000 dresses retailing online in the US, found that 38.5% was a shade of black, making it by far the most common colour available and a perennially popular choice.

Carbon black is everywhere. It’s the pigment used to give things a colour black - from the ink in a black pen, to a black phone case, your food packaging, clothing furniture and more**.

Nature Coatings offers the industry a solution as a direct cost-competitive replacement for conventional, toxic petroleum-based carbon black; BioBlack TX, a 100% bio-based, high-performing carbon negative black pigment, derived from wood waste from FSC® certified sources.

Produced through a closed-loop, circular system of manufacturing emitting negligible amounts of CO2, there is no burning of wood waste or chemicals added in the manufacturing process, the only by-product is steam, which is captured and used to power parts of the production facility.

Using pre-consumer industrial wood waste from industries such as the lumber, paper, furniture and flooring, utilising only the leftover parts that can’t be used for other things, including branches and bark to make the BioBlack TX pigment.

BioBlack TX is FSC® (Forest Stewardship Council), USDA (US Department of Agriculture) Biobased and Oeko-Tex ECO PASSPORT certified and is listed on the ZDHC MRSL 3.0 Gateway, with numerous verified third-party lab tests proving BioBlack TX is 100% bio based with no detected PAHS, passing EN 71-3 and much more.

BioBlack TX has the highest light fastness ratings of 8/8 and does not fade or change colour as most other blacks do, creating a long lasting product that can be used alone or alongside other natural and conventional dyes to bring new colours to life.

Solely a colour/pigment, BioBlack TX works with existing equipment and is mixed into standard printing or water-based coating formulas. The recommendation quantities of BioBlack TX are between 5-7% into a clear screen printing paste or coatings formulation. ***For some applications, such as leather/ non leather and denim, more or less BioBlack TX may be required.

BioBlack TX is made in facilities in Georgia, USA using a proprietary process and over the past year with the support of investments and new equipment, production capacity has increased to up to 70 tonnes of BioBlack TX per month.

*Analysis of retail technology firm Edited.

**The way conventional carbon black is made has not changed for over 100 years: it is generated from fossil fuels, making it non-renewable, toxic for people (it contains carcinogens called PAHs) and harmful for the planet (manufacturing produces millions of tons of CO2. 1 ton of pigment = 2.38 tons of CO2).

***It is recommended to undertake a ladder study to determine what exact percentage of BioBlack TX is needed alongside each formula to create the desired colour.

BioBlack TX Verified Impact Claims

  • It's bio-based and free of fossil fuels. It’s made with 100% pre-consumer industrial wood waste. No chemicals are added in the manufacturing process.

  • It's certified

  • It's traceable. The wood waste comes from FSC® certified forests and reaches the consumer via a fully certified supply chain (chain of custody).

  • It's carbon negative. The BioBlack TX pigment locks up more CO2 than it emits, removing additional carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and countering greenhouse emissions.* According to preliminary LCA data

  • It’s safe to touch and wear. There are no detected PAHs or carcinogens in BioBlack TX.

  • It's renewable. It’s made from renewable sources as opposed to petroleum-based alternatives.

  • It’s high-performing. BioBlack TX has the highest lightfastness ratings of 8/8, which means it does not fade or change colour as most other blacks do.

  • It’s made in the USA and produced through a closed-loop, circular system of manufacturing. The only by-product is steam, which is captured and used to power parts of the production facility.

  • It’s a scaled solution. Our current production capacity is up to 70 tons per month and is loved by brands all over the world - from the Kering Group to Levi’s, Vollebak, Target and WEEKDAY.


  • Copenhagen Fashion Summit Pitch Contest Winner 2019

  • Los Angeles Cleantech Incubator Portfolio Company 2018-2021

  • Fashion for Good’s Accelerator (2017) & Fashion for Good’s Scaling Program

  • National Science Foundation STTR Award 2016

For further information please contact:

Liz Roscoe + 44 (0) 7702 807 048



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