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Take a holistic approach to fitness and health at The Field Training

Updated: Jun 19, 2019

The Field Training is a Movement Clinic: a private training and therapy space in Marylebone, that uses movement, nutritional strategies and therapies to address the healing process. From dysfunction to function, The Field Training, run by Diego Core and Danielle Kleber, helps clients achieve optimal health, so the body can function to its best capacity.

The expert team at The Field Training begin the journey back to full movement by raising their clientsʼ understanding of how their bodies work, while paying close attention to correct alignment, posture and form. Restoring natural abilities and prioritising full and free joint mobility and flexibility, hand-in-hand with joint stability, whole body strength and coordination.

Clients often come in with an injury, in pain or discomfort and the first step on the road to full health will often be a treatment, possibly massage, osteopathy, physiotherapy or acupuncture. Once on the road to recovery, it’s time for the Movement and Exercise specialist team to step in. You could start your exercise program with one of the Classical Pilates Instructors or alternatively, one of Exercise Specialists could design for you a gentle program of corrective exercise. But your journey to health need not stop at corrective exercise and rehabilitation. At The Field Training, healthy function is prioritised over aesthetics: a well-proportioned body is the natural result of training to move in all planes. All aspects of physical fitness are addressed: from corrective exercise to joint mobility and flexibility, to endurance, muscular development, strength and power.

Diego is the leading UK Clubbell training specialist, offering the original Clubbell method through personal training sessions and workshops. The Clubbell circular motion strength training promotes joint mobility and is available to clients of all ages.

Diego's partner and The Field Training Co-Founder, Danielle Kleber - is a personal pilates instructor, counting Cate Blanchett among others, as a client

As well as physical training, the team at The Field Training pays great attention to the emotional and psychological factors that may help or hinder the clientʼs journey to enhanced wellbeing, such as the relationship between sleep, recovery and stress and how these affect the bodyʼs hormonal system. Nutrition is also emphasised as a prime aspect for optimal health, with Diego Core an advocate of the Paleo diet.

For further information, please contact:

Zoja Minic

+44 (0) 7715244678


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