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Updated: Feb 3, 2023

New odourless, street-smart, sustainable performance clothing and loungewear

A pioneering new UK sustainable activewear brand is using ground-breaking, odour-eliminating technology in its clothes, enabling people to wear them more and wash them less.

And clothes that need washing less are ultimately better for the environment.

The average washing machine uses more water in one year than one person will drink in their entire lifetime, according to Universal Performance (UP.) That single fact is what set them on their path to designing street-smart performance clothing you can wear multiple times, without having to wash after every workout.

UP uses StayFresh™ technology which permanently prevents the growth of odour-causing bacteria. This keeps your clothes fresh and ready to be worn on your next workout no matter how hard you work.

StayFresh™ is based on an eco-friendly silver chloride, a salt that is naturally present in water and soil. The silver ions in the salt make it impossible for the bacteria responsible for bad smells to multiply, stopping odour in its tracks

This advanced technology is integrated into the fabric, so freshness is built-in for the lifetime of the garment. And because it’s added during the finishing stage, there’s no additional energy or water required during the application, minimising environmental impact during manufacture too.

Founder Craig Townley said: “In a world of fast fashion, over-production and flash sales, our planet is the big loser, which is why we do things differently. We play fair. What we make, makes sense.

“We want to change the way people think about performance wear, from fast consumable to lasting durable. And there is no definitive number of times you can wear your UP clothing before putting it in the wash. We have customers who have reported washing theirs after between six and 20 workouts!”

UP’s current best sellers include:

  • Men’s seamless active t-shirts - allowing free movement during exercise

  • Women’s seamless universal active long sleeve t-shirts - made from recycled polyamide

  • Women’s seamless organic cotton yoga leggings & bra top - stylish enough to wear out and about during the day too

  • Women’s limited edition ‘Goodeverywear’ active racer tank tops - four-way stretch with anti bacterial, odour-free fabric

  • Men’s universal active shorts - made from recycled polyester

  • Women’s zip front active sports bra - designed for the fuller bust

Craig added: “UP was born from a passionate belief that performance wear should do good everywhere. From empowering our bodies, minds and souls to giving us confidence in our homes, parks and gyms. From supporting traditional skills in communities around the world to safeguarding nature and its resources.”

All UP clothing is made by hand, by traditional craftspeople in Portugal. Packaging is made from fully recycled materials and eco-friendly, carbon-neutral sugar cane.

For further information, high-res images or review sample requests, please contact:

Vanessa Munnings

+44 (0) 7907174770


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